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  1. I would choose POE 3 since I want a trilogy of the series. Tyranny 2 would be awesome but I feel that the sequel will be unable to answer a lot of question regarding the first game
  2. It would definitely be Mr House faction. He plans to get out of this sick planet and Im all down for it. I hate earth
  3. What if Obsidian returned to their abandoned Aliens RPG? That would be interesting
  4. I truly believe their best creation was tyranny. That game allows me to live my evil fantasies without feeling guilty
  5. No I think he is on to something. Avowed is not a proper successor. Its just set in the same world but the story is completely independent from POE. Why would Josh stated that POE 3 would happen only if they are excited for it??? Obsidian wont just gonna abandon the game that basically saved them from bankruptcy. I am pretty convinced that they will finish up the trilogy in the future
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