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  1. So, you prefer that I send the bugs thorugh the contact form instead of doing it here?
  2. Hi, I'm playing on the last available version on XBOX SERIES X (0.4) I've found some misstranslated texts in spanish. I will add the files so you can see it easily Adding photos at forum fauls so i decided to upload and share it via link: https://ibb.co/D5tCGR1 https://ibb.co/GdDvv32 https://ibb.co/0Z980Mb https://ibb.co/Yh7D3TY
  3. Platform: XBOX SERIES X Steps to reproduce the Issue: Be sure to have the game closed and not on stanby/quick resume Launch the game Play Go to Xbox Series X home screen and launch another game Go to Xbox Series X home screen and launch GROUNDED The game will open using quick/resum and the sound will be constantlly crispy To solve the problem I close GROUNDED and I launched from zero without Quick Resume
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