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    My own bug report

    Actually I stumbled upon number 7. Why when I try to scroll an email I have to click the little arrow. Mouse wheel when used takes me to another message instead of moving text of the current email up. Thats sooo annoying.
  2. A I posted somewhere around here few minutes ago: I had the same. ( http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=55061&hl= ) Try setting bEnableMouseSmoothing=false in APInput.ini It worked for me, but you may have to adjust mouse sensitivity.
  3. JockX

    My own bug report

    Short list of bugs from first 10 mins of game: 1. Mouse sensitivity close to zero. Seriously, when I play any game first thing I do is to REDUCE mouse sensitivity. Looks like Obsidian did it for me this time. Anyway, I fixed it by editing APinput.ini file - I set 'bEnableMouseSmoothing=false' and 'MouseSensitivity=40.000000' (I guess this one is what I usually reduce in game options). Both changes were done twice within the file, not sure which one is valid. Also, disabling mouse smoothing solved erratic behaviour of camera (random overresponsiveness or freezing - yeah..., 'smoothin' my a$$). 2. PDA delay. I know, those things have slower proccessors, but seriously. I press tab and wait like 5 seconds before the screen turns to PDA menu. One would think that processing 3d graphics is more of a task to a modern PC, but it looks like PDA screen consumes so much resources that it needs loading time. Honestly, why not add progress bar? This seems to occur randomly, I connect it to CPU load, cause rebooting my PC and turning off some backgroud processes helped here - not that any other game had any problems at all running with those same applications on. 3. Awarness glitch - Not sure if this is actual glitch, or intended effect, but when I try to use Awareness skill, press Q and see the Awarness icon move a bit in top right corner of the screen, but no timer starts (neither cooldown nor remaining time ountdown) Awareness does not work at all for an agent who had 2 points invested in steath. - Not managed to solve it. 4. Wardrobe preview glitch - again, not sure if this is a glitch, but, shouldn't I be able to preview changes to my character while customising him at the wardrobe just outside the first tutorial area? I mean to see the difference between particular sets of glasses or haircuts I had to accept changes first and look at my character outside the wardrobe. It buggs me, because I can see that there is almost half of the screen free while customising - its just black window. I guess it is where I should see my character preview. - Did not solve this by neither restarting the game, my PC or installing latest nvidia drivers. 5 . Pistol funny glitch - unfortunatelly, I did not take a screenshot. When Mike crouches, he holds his gun in both hands, but when you right-click to aim and then turn 90 degrees right, he should stretch his right arm holding the gun. What happened to me was that he DID stretch his arm, but the gun got glued to his LEFT arm. And it stayed there. So when i made several steps forward, the gun was still sticked to the left arm resulting in Mike holding his gun upside down. Like a schoolgirl not knowing what it was. - Got it fixed by Alt-Tabbing the game, but since we're talking schoolgirls... 6. ...the worst of all those bugs. It's a gamebreaker. Makes the game unplayable on my computer. The main character looks like he was in junior-high. In girls only class! Even with a beard 'she' still looks like a girl-scout! DID ANYONE FIND A SOLUTION TO THAT ONE?
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