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  1. Nov 19th was the last time Shyla posted any news here and August was the last time Shyla posted anything in the steam community. Steam discussions are all locked not allowing the community there to voice any opinions or concerns. I REALLY like this game but it is never a good sign when a dev suddenly goes dark.
  2. I am sure the op knew this and did as I have and collected all the bones in that area. For me that was several game days ago and none have re-spawned. I was able to collect enough to craft the diving helm and bone dagger but can no longer find any more bones to craft the trident.
  3. Oh wow I just had a idea listening to Adam talk about the picnick area! Would be cool if they added a black ant mound and the red and black ants went to war on occasion and based on your armor you are either on the side of the red or black ants.
  4. Absolutely and so far after 30hours of play (40+ after tonight session) my only gripe is the backpack inventory and having two location being taken up by the same items. Worn vs backpack.
  5. I love the ideas and would love to see then in the game with the addition to the bugs list of, scorpions, centipedes, catapillars that can be tamed and then turn into butter flies or moths that can then be used a flying mounts ( but beware of birds) millipedes. Also backpack has to be changed so that worn armor and weapons are not also occupying backpack space! Having worn armor and weapons take up backpack space was a awful idea to begin with and needs to be corrected. This will be my main source of contention with this game and will be pointed as with ridicule in all my reviews of grounded.
  6. After switching to the beta-test on the game my graphics are very muddies and blurry. I was playing the regular version and all was nice a crisp looking but switched to the beta version to see the koy in the koy pond and now the graphics are like having mud in my eyes. All the textures are blurry and muddied. I have tried to turn motion blur all the way up then all the way back down but that does not fix the issue. Is there a way to fix this other then reverting back to the non-test version?
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