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  1. My game was crashing to desktop during the loading screen after character selection. It would do that fairly consistently. I would try and load the game 10 times and it would always crash to desktop in that same spot. Occasionally it would load into the game successfully and I could play for hours and things would be fine. However, it would consistently crash my game to the desktop when another player tried to join my hosted game. After the latest patch today, I have yet to test out if another player joining will still crash my game. But I have been able to load my game successfully on the fir
  2. I have basically the same issue. Steam on PC Windows 10 20H2. Right after character selection the game will crash to desktop during that loading screen. After a certain number of attempts it will successfully load into the game, but it's pretty random. Sometimes it will load in on the first attempt, sometimes it will take over 10 attempts before it loads successfully. This is a MP game that I am hosting. It crashes when trying to do something CPU intensive during the loading process because I can see the power draw ramp up for a bit, and the CPU fans ramp as well. There is always a little bit
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