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  1. Mint mallet has been nerfed? It it supposed to no longer act like a mallet/hammer, even though it's the big daddy of all hammers? Hope this gets fixed, embarrassing that I'm wielding my hammer of minty gods but I'm forced to carry a stone slapper to get acorns/sap/quartzite etc.
  2. Agreeing with all of this. The game is absolutely wonderful, I didn't know how badly I wanted it until you folks gently slid it into my hands. Now I can't get enough! The spider had me yelling in fright and the game offers plenty to do in the way of building, exploring and more. I've even ventured up past the holographic #UNDER CONSTRUCTION# barriers and found a hundred new spots I want to build in! You guys are truly making something amazing and I am sending you all platonic, thankful hugs.
  3. I too am having this problem. Base is built on top of baseball, chests are 2 full floors above baseball top, ants are still using telekinesis to raid my mushroom chests.
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