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  1. Which version of game. On epic I have not seen that error. It may be a missing file on your game. Try to verify or reinstall.
  2. It's fine, just gotta play and adjust your style to prevent from that happening. If supernova is too hard, lower difficulty. Not everyone can play of hardest difficulty. No, very common for obsidian rpg games to have these types of effects.
  3. Start a new game. Play a different style. Do the story and actions differently. I'll be doing my 3rd playthrough. Point of No Return = save, save, save and backup those save just in case.
  4. Obsidian is just a developer. They had no control on anything. Publisher chose the deal to epic.
  5. Not getting screwed, EPIC messed up. So now Obsidian is stuck trying to fix this. Give the devs a break for EPIC fault.
  6. Well yes, MS Store is different than Epic. Lucky you got a refund from MS.
  7. Epic released DLC early, which all this on their fault. The rep has to say that, cause they dont know. Dont want to look bad.
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