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  1. Hahahaha, because i try to avoid all the annoying bugs, but all the grass grows trough my bridges, so i have to keep destroying it in order to walk on my bridges. Also traveling becomes much easier that way. It also saves me from running in certain areas by accident wich causes my game to lag so badly that im looking at screenshots until im able to run away from that area again. Though, it seems the laggy area's keep changing, i guess it has to do with the massive amounts of larvas, ants and gnats that are running around here and there.
  2. I have the same problem, though im not sure if the lag/freeze is caused by ants. It happens to me nonstop at the end of the wooden fence from the oak tree all the way to the other side. For some reason whenever i go there, my game becomes so laggy/freezy that it feels like im watching 4k screenshots on the first computer ever build. As for now, i completely avoid that area, coz its not possible to do anything without looking at a freeze every second.
  3. I'm also joining the #NoTaming team. Taming would have beneficial effects, but also would ruin the survival aspect of this game. And not only that, imagine u ride a spider, or other big bug and suddenly u have a colony of ants coming at ya coz they see u as a threat. Imagine the lag it will create.
  4. I would like that as well. I play solo Online - Mild ( due to some issues before the patches, as i thought all the problems i had was because i played on Medium, though builded so much on Mild then, that i cant find the motivation to start over in Medium again ). Everywhere i go, i see grass planks because i have to destroy grass every day, wherever i'm going. I also prefer unused grassplanks decaying faster, since the grass is growing back faster then it dissapears. To compensate that, i just build skybridges across the whole map to make use of the unused grassplanks. Having so much
  5. I also vote no, definately no. Ive already experienced larva trains and a centipede or even millipede would be something like an ultimate boss, also because they are too agressive and poisonous as hell. Aside from fighting one, having one coming at ur base means total destruction of your base. Also hitting a centipede with a mill mallet would be like giving it a pat on the head. Ps: they are also too scary...
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