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  1. If this was like 7 Days to Die. You spend the amount of materials it would cost to build it from scratch, then it knocks off some resource cost due to using existing structure. Not just adding 1 item to upgrade.
  2. Or better yet, just a quest reward. Finish quest and get a mint.
  3. I know this is not a solution but the following will work to keep ants numbers down. Place pile of mushrooms outside opening of Ant hill. Change distance based on preference. Make 1 circle of needle traps around mushrooms. Make 2nd circle of needle traps around first circle. Make 3rd circle of needle traps around second circle. Mushrooms will draw in weevils which will draw in Ants. All will die. Of course, you can just put Lure Trap instead.. But this way you get plenty of weevils to hang on your jerky rack.
  4. Side quests in the game are simple currently. A good feature would be to have 3 part side quests with small stories. Example: Background Story: Numerous stink bugs have been hampering research efforts around the lab. Quest 1: Build a Gas Mask (XP Gained after finishing quest) Quest 2: Enter Haze area and collect toxic gas (XP Gained after getting 3 balls of gas) Quest 3: Build Gas trap to eliminate stink bug nest (XP Gained after stink bugs die) Finished! (Story reward of a sticker for base)
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