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  1. Sounds like a plan. CC enemies, charm them, anything to get them to stop hitting you. Are there many ways to increase DR apart from better armour than the trash I have her wearing at the moment?
  2. Ah Boeroer, how I love you. Yeah, looking at Wayfarer's Hide looks like some great defense for a light armour, and nature's vigour looks good in keeping some regen going. Would the use of Shod in Faith also aid somewhat in making sure my GM behemoth doesn't drop? The use of whisper of treason has a slightly longer duration than the paralyse condition from mind binding. I just figured that the use of psychovampiric shield would provide a lot more defense and make her a bit more resilient to damage from a couple of enemies at once.
  3. So I've given the cool crazy lady the standard suite of Talents for a 2 hander aimed at damage with some endurance. Currently at level 7. 1.Biting Whip 2. Veteran's Recovery 3. Draining Whip Abilities are: 1st level - Antipathetic Field, Mind Wave, Whisper of Treason 2nd level - Mental Binding, Phantom Foes, Psychovampiric Shield 3rd level - Ectopsychic Echo, Pain Link,Puppet Master 4th level - Body attunement, Pain Block And of course, she's got 6 uses of firebrand from her two lovely items, because that greatsword is bonkers. What's spurred this thread on is
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