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  1. just thought I'd share the link http://www.1up.com/do/minisite?cId=3178959 *looks at screen* the numbers just don't go fast enough!!
  2. No news on anything on this side.. I'm not keeping my hopes up, but still..
  3. well it does say "Coming Spring 2010", so i think we can narrow it down to March, April or May.. Maybe June, but nothing comes out in June. I say April.
  4. i heard interplanetary express mail has ridiculously expensive rates..
  5. John Williams and the entire Berlin Philarmonical Orchestra!
  6. Well, some people think DLC is just adding to an unfinished project. What DLC adds, it could already be inside the game at release. Me, I'd totally buy a CE. I'm a fool for little offerings and Documentary DVDs. So I'm pro-AP:CE.
  7. i can't pre-order because my game store doesn't have it on its listings! i would've, no doubts about it. good luck, obsidian!
  8. http://www.sega.co.uk/alphaprotocol/uk/index.html http://www.sega.co.uk/games/?searchPlatfor...=alpha+protocol http://www.sega.co.uk/games/alpha-protocol/ All of them still say "Coming Oct 2009". So until an official saying, i'm not believing otherwise.
  9. only one more month... just one more... oh god.. *shivers*
  10. I want famine to end and all people to live in peace.
  11. I have inside info (TOP SECRET stuff, so hush) that the main character's name will be SPOILERS ---Michael Thorton--- .
  12. what happened to the "i play games for the fun of it.." i still play Tetris and i dont whine about the graphics.. alpha protocol may not aspire to be the best game of the decade, but as long as they make it fun to play i dont really care if my legs clip through a sofa.
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