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  1. Ahh, that explains, to tell the truth in all my playthroughs after all these years,I
  2. Revenge of the Teddy Bears, hehe Hey Gizmo, that would have taken at least half a day to accomplish. Were you so patient or you wanted all that Killian
  3. -One Iguana-on-a-stick for the guy with the
  4. @ cronicler B&W wall of text,B&W avatar, you fit in with the Fallout 50's theme. Good points, I
  5. Well to clarify a bit, it could measure the self-esteem/self-respect of your character, e.g I’ve made a great deed helping the town get rid of the local gang leader and all the town people praised me for doing so, but deep inside me I feel ashamed ’cause my motives were different of what people think. I was paid from another gang leader to do this job so he can take advantage, but the others don’t know about this. We aren’t talking in this case about a plain good or evil character but mostly for those who belong in the “gray” area and Fallout is full of “gray” areas. As I said this
  6. Regarding Karma: I think a 2 scale approach would result in an interesting outcome. The first measures like the classic, established Karma how good or bad you are, but this time is more of a reflect of your inner self, it has less impact on your surroundings, NPCs don
  7. IDK, I played the game at Very Hard almost from the get go,and had my character been in a really difficult situation only a couple of times, especially when caught off guard by a Deathclaw or a bunch of Radscorpions or that nasty Talon mercs. There was an over-abundance of
  8. They have stated in many occasions, that they make most of the adjustments/corrections to their game while playing it and that in the last phase of development, everyone in the dev team plays the game extensively, giving suggestions, pinpointing mistakes. Do you think it
  9. First post here, I wish good luck with the game to J.E. Sawyer and the entire Obsidian Dev team and would like to add that I
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