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  1. Don't know if you went in there without ant armor but if you equip that they will see you as one of them and ignore you! If you already knew that then ehmm.. I'll su.
  2. You put the blueprint down and then just add the resources to it. No need to carry 6.
  3. Heya again! Without wasting to much time, here you go: - BUILDING: Be able to transfer a whole stack (10 pc) at once through a hotkey. - hover over a stack and press 'set key' - Hold shift and right click the stack. -Proximity storage building. - have a radius around the storage boxes that counts towards your backpack when building. (Idea from CohhCarnage but I want to back this up!) - Be able to replace a base structure (floor, wall, foundation etc) with a different one. - Let's say I put up a grass wall.. it would be great if we could place a weedstem wa
  4. Hey there! First of wanted to say congrats on a succesfull launch! My friends and I are having a lot of fun and you really captured the feeling of being small perfectly. So, I had a whole list of bugs written down. I checked and found a lot of them already being reported. I do however did not see the following (sorry if I looked over them and am reporting them twice): - No death when I run out of water or food and health is at 0. Can only be killed by a hit from a player or animal. (this has been so since day 1 and still is going on for me and my friends) - Items reset af
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