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Few building ideas I wanted to share.

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Heya again!

Without wasting to much time, here you go:

Be able to transfer a whole stack (10 pc) at once through a hotkey.
  - hover over a stack and press 'set key'
  - Hold shift and right click the stack.

-Proximity storage building.
  - have a radius around the storage boxes that counts towards your backpack when building. (Idea from CohhCarnage but I want to back this up!)
  - Be able to replace a base structure (floor, wall, foundation etc) with a different one.
     - Let's say I put up a grass wall.. it would be great if we could place a weedstem wall blueprint over that wall, put in the needed resources and so it would upgrade the wall.

That's it for now. Will update if I think of more! :)

Cheers! 🍻

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