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Few bugs I wanted to share.

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Hey there!

First of wanted to say congrats on a succesfull launch! My friends and I are having a lot of fun and you really captured the feeling of being small perfectly.

So, I had a whole list of bugs written down. I checked and found a lot of them already being reported.
I do however did not see the following (sorry if I looked over them and am reporting them twice):

- No death when I run out of water or food and health is at 0.  Can only be killed by a hit from a player or animal. (this has been so since day 1 and still is going on for me and my friends)
- Items reset after transfering from storage to backpack and vice versa. 
- Tools, weapons and armor seem to be good to use (full health) but are not. For example:
  - 1 hit with a spear would break it. Fix was to make a new one.

This is all I have for now. Really hope you make the best of this game together with it's community!

Cheers 🍻

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