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  1. Meadow folk fighter for me as well! since this game was announced. I’ve already planned out that I’m going to create the same character that I rolled with from PoE 1 and Deadfire. i know avowed isn’t going to a direct continuation of deadfire(or is it?) but I’ll continue on with my Eorian player all the same. are others planning on something similar?
  2. This is my take too. I’m hoping for non voiced. But a little voice in the back I of my mind is saying maybe MS will push them for a voiced protag. Hoping not!
  3. Really hoping we see Aloth and Eder as companions, or even just as interactive quest/NPCs If they don’t fit the story.
  4. I’d really love them to add a master below type of dungeon. Loads of levels full of interesting stories and monsters on each floor. I loved how varied each floor was in PoE1. I think it could really work well in avowed.
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