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  1. Suggestion: there should be lab "stuff" the player can scan to unlock blueprints for building underwater bases and a submarine. Most of these would require metal that could be mined from rocks and smelted in a clay oven. Ideally, the lab "stuff" would be lying around various labs as a part of the damage they have endured, giving the player another reason to explore the labs. An additional item, glass, should be make-able using the clay oven after gathering sand with a shovel from a sandbox. The sandbox could be part of a park in the neighborhood, or as a part of a backyard.
  2. I've gone nuclear on ants and still no eggs. Checked both hills every day and nothing. The soldiers just respawn fully grown.
  3. It shows what the armor does on the right in the inventory, small text beneath the other stats.
  4. So, I built a base on top of the rock wall to the East. I first put down clay for a foundation along with walls, floors, and roof without a problem. The first issue I noticed is that the floor is blended graphically into the clay instead of sitting on top, I would have expected it to appear above the clay without needing to use scaffolding. The second, and bigger issue, is that any time I try to build an object (chest, lean-to, lamp, etc...) on top of the floor the blueprint is never shown despite it being in build mode. I have to cancel that build, go outside, and start the build pr
  5. Same, clicked the text Trail Markers on the map and it CTD'd. (PC Version)
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