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  1. Wish list: 1. Sortable folders in inventory/chests. Renaming chests would help too. 2. Inventory chest inside the crafting bench. 3. Larger stack size on certain resources (dry grass, stems, etc.) 4. Toggle to turn on and off site markers individually so the screen isn't cluttered with them or nothing when off. Bonus wish: Earwigs! Must have earwigs or centipedes... I'm already freaked out by spiders. Put in centipedes so we have to wear Depends to play this game.
  2. My wife is on XBox and I play on PC. When this happens to us, we first try emptying our canteens (consuming) and then drinking fresh water from a web. Last ditch effort is to drink from a puddle. This sometimes works. Other times we've noticed restarting the game works as well. Hope this helps!
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