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  1. The rewards are shown on the paypal backing site. Everything which is stated there you'll get. The Fig Site doesn't matter to the paypal backer.
  2. and still no way to back via paypal. Really sad that i have to wait till the campaign ends (and who knows how long afterwards it'll take) until i can pledge for Pillars 2.
  3. yeah me too. Waiting this long for paypal was hard. Hope the wait is over today.
  4. Yeah, really hope we'll get good news today regarding paypal backing.
  5. yeah, really hope it will be any day soon now. Really would like to back PoE 2 .
  6. Really hope they add Paypal-backing possibility soon. Just want to back PoE 2 but can't without paypal backing. Looking forward to next tuesday then.
  7. Yeah i'm waiting for papyl option too. Really hope we'll get that quick. Want to back Deadfire but don't own a credit card.
  8. I really hope, after they reached the 1,1 Million, that they make paypal backing possible again. Really would like to back, but do not own a Credit Card.
  9. hi! i seem to have also some kind of this bug. Some little spoilers below, so do not read if you not finished the new contents of White March 2. I played through to Dyrford, build up my stronghold, did many quests and did not look back (so, perhaps it could be that the bug was there from the beginning) but today, as i needed to get back to one area which i already explored and killed every enemy in, as i returned, the whole map was again covered in fog of war AND every enemy was back. Also every lootable chest etc was again filled with the same items i looted as i was in the area the first time(now have 2 fulwanos boots). So, i checked other areas and as it seems, this bug spread in every area. Also Defiance bay has now fog of war, every lootable container i emptied is now again filled with the loot i already took out. Another Bug which i encountered (don't know if it as something to do with the respawn of loot, enemies and fog of war) is, that the messanger from defiance bay which called me to brackenbury stays in my castle. i already talked to him AND he vanished after that. i got to brackenbury, killed Glanfith (or what was his name?) captain, talked to the chancelor and began with my war-preparitions. But since i encountered the respawn bug the messanger stays in the castle and i can still talk to him and he tells me the same things (meet the chancellor in brackenbury etc etc). Although i got no quest update or anything as i already finished that, it seems to be a bug. I already tried to restart and load again, but nothing changed the "respawn-rate" of enemys, fog of war and loot. Anything i should do about that?
  10. No, not really. Thats why i asked about paypal a month ago. Hope it will soon be there once the campaign finished.
  11. So, any news for the Paypal Option? been nearly a week you hit the funding goal.
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