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  1. This is the same for the spiders too. There should be a larger radius before the health starts to be topped up.
  2. A couple of things I would like to add to the above post; Regarding armor, +1 for the fact it definitely should be removed from your inventory when you equip it. Also, can you please develop shields crafted from insect parts too? The shields can be held in your other hand similar to the torch for more efficient blocking. Regarding weather, I think Rain should definitely be introduced, with it's own terrifying results of flooding areas for a short period of time, potentially bringing in new underwater threats to areas that didn't have them before. Lastly, the below comment; "
  3. In agreement to this, it's one of the first things I noticed being the hoarder that I am
  4. I noticed this last night. There is a fix in the current version without using resources. If you deploy a blueprint over the top (I used stairs) it will squash the wall back down and then you can recycle the blueprint before building. Agree that it needs to be fixed though.
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