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  1. Sponger, apparently an InXile and Obsidian insider as of other users on resetera said that Avowed will be shown at E3, here's a quote from him I need to say that I'm a little bit confused with Jeff's statement that Avowed will not be ready for E3 as the info that I have is that "we'll have a trailer for our big game at E3" and "Avowed will be shown this year" and "game is in great shape, almost fully on schedule". ... From the conversation I was convinced that it would be a gameplay trailer for E3
  2. yeah quite a few companies will be there actually, here are those we know of this far: Video game industry showcase returns virtually in 2021 with confirmed partners Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Games and Koch Media to participate It's free for viewing as far as I know, june 12-15th
  3. Do you mean in person? E3 is digital this year due to COVID. Publisher wise there are quite a few, even Nintendo is attending again and more importantly Microsoft, so there is at least a chance we see something from avowed there, seeing grounded is a given I think.
  4. So you guys think we’ll see or hear anything about Avowed at E3? I personally think the game is still years away and E3 2023 or 2024 is more likely but what do you think? I hope it’s sooner and am really looking forward to what obsidian will do with open world RPGs and a proper budget and development time.
  5. I think the main reason this does not carry the pillars name is to not scare away people who haven’t played the first 2 games. Pillars of eternity does not carry the same weight as fallout did when Bethesda acquired the rights to it so I imagine a lot of people who would be interested in a Skyrim like experience and see a “3” on it would not pick it up because they don’t know the previous games.
  6. I don’t think the Kickstarter money was enough to call these games “paid for by fans”. I mean what were the numbers? 4 million? That’s not a lot of money to fund a medium sized team for a few years, counting insurance, rent, tech and salaries. Kickstarter is more a thing to get the hype going and have some of the dev costs in and see if there is interest in your games but you can’t fund projects like these with so (comparatively) little money.
  7. Oh man I hope not we know what happened at the war of defiance and how it ended. I want new stories and the world to move forwards, unbound by known history and hope that this will play after deadfire. We’ll see I guess, but if the resetera leaks prove to be true the living lands will be the setting.
  8. I'm not up to date on the current Skyrim meta but I enjoyed playing in 1st person and looking at my character in 3rd person sometimes while traveling to look at my armour and char, so I'd prefer both but hey I'm not all there in the meta as I said. you are aware that this won't be an MMO right?
  9. of course it does, we know what the gods are, what will happen to the world and we know a decent number of things of the history of known nations, so much is set in stone. I'd like to see how the world continues ofter the breaking of the wheel and I think starting new players in a world of uncertainty (pillars was always too certain for me on a lore level, souls are real and control that and that, they are reborn, no gods except for the creations of the engwithans and we know why they created them, it was all just too concrete) with dying artificial gods is not the worst premise.
  10. Also there is some info in deadlines Last dlc, from Reddit user MickyJim: Now this is very interesting. There's a series of books in Forgotten Sanctum that I believe are implied to partially predict the future. One is called "The Reclamation of the Living Lands" and it's description goes like this... My new theory, then, is that Aedyr is trying to conquer the Living Lands
  11. I hope for an interview with someone soon, would be great to know a little bit more about the title
  12. I always liked TES‘s approach to this, first person works well to look around and get a good feeling for rooms, objects and their size. It also helps when interacting with objects and has the added benefit that the gameworld needs to be a lot more interactive and detailed to work in a RPG. On the other hand RPGs are always a bit of a power fantasy and it just feels good to see your character sometimes in its armour or robes even if it isn’t that viable to really play the game in that perspective, like in elder scrolls. I know it’s probably a huge amount of work to get character animations right and have the camera not spasm out but I’d like to see it implemented if possible.
  13. I thought the inscription of the sword says oathbinder? also is there a way to answer to a post without completely copying it?
  14. That why I wanted to post it here, most people seem certain that this is going to be a prequel, I rather hope it’s a sequel. i don’t think I would have much fun playing avowed at least from a story perspective after all we know from Poe 1 and 2 if it was a prequel. We all know what the gods are why they exist and what happens to the wheel so I‘d much rather see how the world continued after.
  15. Here is some speculation from avowed’s Reddit page by user Auriga_PoE I found interesting, thanks for the permission to post here: link to thread :
  16. Really excited about this, only thing is I hope this plays after Poe. I don’t like prequels at all.
  17. Do you guys plan to do some interviews or similar things soon so you can tell us a bit more about the game? Btw great trailer guys, can’t wait to see more, been a fan since KOTOR 2 came out and I’m super looking forward to this :)
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