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  1. I was just letting you know how much detailed knowledge i have about it and on what info i am making judgment. Thats "unimaginable" stupidity if i ever saw one. He was inspired by various Nordic myths and sagas but he took care to make sense in his imagined world while he never just blatantly stole or ripped off ideas and concepts belonging to others with intent to transform them intentionally into silly massmarket nonsensical piles of dung. Im not elitist... its just that im handsome. and i drive a ferrari, not a bus.
  2. Clearly you never played shadowrun and do not know the goodness it holds. Vastly more then yet another steampunk setting. Clearly i didnt. Ive gone and read wiki article about it. At first i thought they did it at least somewhat smartly when they mentioned that after magic came back humans changed into other races intentionally... or so it seemed in the first line explaining it. But then down in explanation of races it states that humans started having elf, orc, troll and whatnot babies - just because. I see magic is used there as an excuse for stupidity of unimaginable level. Was
  3. I agree and i think Keaton is still the best one. You can really see the dichotomy in him and he is aware of it fully which makes him slightly crazy when he is Wayne but he uses Batman to give himself meaning and purpose. Which makes him a bit crazy as Wayne as a result. That was just great. And worked great juxtaposed to his opponents too. Bale is as boring as sack of Yak excrement compared.
  4. Not in games they dont and its high time they start. Apart from awesomeness of this setting and characters and plots etc it has the advantage of already having been transmuted into RPG rules. Sanctuary is NOT a megalopolis. You forgot New Crobuzon there.
  5. Well its good to hear there are new guys getting in. Just letting some of the posters get moderator rights and manually delete those spam posts could help.
  6. eh... Monty, isnt there anything that can be done about poor Purgatorio boards? Its really a shame to see them in such a sad state as they are now. That is one future setting that needs some attention.
  7. Yup. For the record this wasnt intended as flaming. I just wanted this thread to have one post that says the truth clearly. Justice has been served. Please, carry on.
  8. I dont think so. thing is, if you look at things that way then youll end up setting up same mechanics and gameplay we have all seen too many times already with, possibly, some smaller differences but nothing really different. If you have enough courage (how idealistic of me) to try and really flesh out the particular setting (instead of just using it as a cover story for more sameold sameold) you will end up creating new mechanics to support it. And im not talking about following a specific story to the letter. I believe all settings i suggested are big and wide enough to allow creati
  9. I find this whole game completely horrible in every aspect of its design and execution. From NPCs, horrible utterly nonsensical quests and dialogue to combat and SPECIAL mechanics and how they work in the game. Karma is especially bad, completely broken or just retarded. Megaton quest and its reasons and "consequences" are just so utterly retarded they are not even sad or laughable.
  10. How to number all the excellent moments of Planescape Torment? So many... Ravel didnt get her mention and she was so good. One of best NPCs ever made. And her voicing was superb. Ignus and his story and how it empowers you in return. Ingres and her teath. Morte getting insults upgrades from Hive harlots and secrets he caries. Fall From Grace and all the stories you can trade and hear in her brothel of slaking intellectual lusts. Deionarra and Vhaillor. Mordon and his sad little insanity and Dakkon and his loss of knowing. And the main question of what can change the nature of the man. Ju
  11. Altered carbon could do the trick. Nice opportunities could arise from using sleeves. For gameplay and some philosophical themes. And its simple enough to lend itself well to usual simplistic game design mass market is used to. Actiony too. If i could have it my way i would rather see games based in Culture universe, or Xelee Sequence by Stephen Baxter, Bears Blood music or, Eon or "The Scar" then some uber boring cliche fantasy steampunk crap.
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