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  1. There is a changelog, it's called patch.txt and lands in main folder. What's more, the very first line of a changelog: VERSION 1.1 ----------- - To resolve activation issues, PC copy protection has been removed. Very nice of them, and it also shows that SEGA really doesn't care about AP anymore - to remove DRM in half a year after release? (Not that I'm complaining about removal )
  2. AFAIK, UK market is one of the most console-oriented gaming market in Europe, so low PC sales there are considered given. I'd say that more depressing are stats Bendu linked - only ~200k units sold on PC :|
  3. I'm sure I read XP is the primary OS for Steam users somewhere in the last month or two. If this is factual then it's truly absurd. Fair enough game companies don't want to bother with anything earlier than the prior OS, in this case XP, Win95, Windows 3.1, DOS etc but XP's still so mainstream it has to be aimed for. Maybe when XP users migrate to 7, Vista and XP can be dropped from the system requirements but not yet. Just checked Steam Survey page, it appears that most popular system on Steam is Win7 x64 XP is on second place, though.
  4. It does. I have it set to 1680x1050 right now on my PC and it works fine.
  5. There is a small utility called Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, that allows you to use gamepads different that X360 to play games with it. It does what the name says (emulates X360 controller) and all you have to do is put it's files into game's directory, configure it and then game will recognize your controller as a X360 one. You can get this emulator at TocaEdit, in Downloads section.
  6. I always thought that WoT was this "half project", actually, since Obsidian apparently is doing only technical stuff, while guys from WoT are doing all the rest (like scenario, lore, overall design, etc.). I wouldn't be surprised if that's why they would call it "half project", as Obsidian doesn't do anything related to "creative" side.
  7. Unless you have a mission to protect someone, but have no one to protect him from, as enemies didn't load And I have to go through the whole mission again.
  8. You need more than the ability to assign dots to skills, the ability to select from several tenuous backgrounds and the chance to change the look of the man you'll watch mince across the screen. Are you saying that Fallouts (first two) and Planescape:Torment aren't RPGs, since they don't have features you mentioned above?
  9. I don't know about copy protection, but using VM to play any modern 3D game is really poor idea, IMHO. Those machines usually emulate S3 Trio 64 graphic card (hand up whoever remember those ), so it won't even run a game requiring modern 3D hardware. Besides, even if you manage to run the game, the performance will be terrible I would go with installing/reinstalling VC++ redistributables in x86 version, since that's the kind of libraries 32-bit game will look for.
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