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  1. One notable downside to playing a paladin (in my experience, since I'm playing a Priest right now) is that the min-maxer in me makes me want to follow the dispositions very closely, which is both good and bad for the roleplaying side.
  2. Perhaps I should have named it the 5.0+ Build Compendium. The ultimate is in reference to the Ultimate Patch as opposed to the Ultimate achievement. And there are plenty of builds floating around, especially ones that are still playable from before 5.0. Additionally, spending just a little time reading on these boards, you can easily come up with interesting builds based on the dozens of notes posted by, for example, Boeroer.
  3. Hello, I've added three builds (from GameFaqs) to the compendium. Case studies 1-3. Thanks! I mostly just added builds that were mentioned on this forum.
  4. Why does all my comment need to be approved by moderators? Do I need a certain amount of "aging" or do I need to do something else?
  5. Here is a link to a google doc that lists (almost) every build after 09 May 2019. Builds listed follow two criteria: 1. It had commentary after 09 May 2019. 2. It is mostly plug and play. These boards are a veritable treasure trove of Deadfire knowledge, but most people won't bother reading any of it. Builds listed must be mostly playable after less a minute of reading. If it follows these two rules, the build is listed. Little to no curation has been done on my part. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10yKVvE3jHyu9uHso-dAtwV7jrL7K3jdBP3pxVgH1gpM/edit?usp=sharing I've been a lurker here for many years. Thanks to everyone asking questions and answering!
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