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  1. Not sure about anyone else, but seeing this popup everytime I start the game is getting on my nerves. There are two thumbnails on-screen, one for Gorgon and the other for Eridanos, with a button next to each(on Xbox One it's X for Gorgon and Y for Eridanos). This popup notification is unecessary.
  2. Is there any info on what quest needs to be completed to trigger the dlc? I know that to trigger Peril on Gorgon, the quest Radio Free Monarch needs to be finished. Also, if this is a pre-load, then they need to change the thumbnail for the dlc as it says Available Now, and that's really missleading.
  3. Nope. Otherwise it would have a green checkmark like Peril on Gorgon does. No checkmark meams it's not installed. And ot's not in either MS's store or PS's store.
  4. So my game on PS4 updated. Murder on Eridanos is now shown underneath Peril on Gorgon and is being shown as Available now, but it's not in the PlayStation Store.
  5. Do we know what quest needs to be completed to trigger this quest? I know that completeing Radio Free Monarch triggers Peril on Gorgon.
  6. Having a framerate issue where, if I'm in one of the containers on the UnReliable, or using the workbench, my framerate drops. And it persists even if I exit the container. A few times I've had to save, quit, then reload the save to fix my framerate.
  7. I'd like to see SMGs and semi-auto energy pistols(the Bolter pistol is nice, but I don't like that it's burst fire). I'd also like to see an overhaul to the weapon ammo. It bugs me that the pistols, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and LMG all use Light Ammo. New armors, not reskins of the armors already in the game.
  8. Sorry if this response is late. If you have not yet finished the main questline, I would highly suggest doing the dlc before completeing the game. TOW plays out much like Fallout NV did. Once the main quest is completed, that's the end, there's no playing beyond that. Another option would be if your nearing the end but have not yet hit the point of no return, do a manual save, complete the game, then reload the save.
  9. More storage containers on the ship would be nice. You've got that one chest in the captain's quarters, the two fridges in the kitchen, and those two lockers near the bridge. Would be nice to be able to use that third locker. Maybe place a couple of chests near the workbench in the cargo bay for weapon and armor mods.
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