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  1. That's common, I also have a lot of experience gaming and now when I play games im more like observator than a part of it, I simply don't care more. If you want to use JavaScript then use a library, Babylon or Phaser. Babylon is for 3D only. But it would be better if you just used a game engine because they're so much better than libraries. I recommend you to use Unity and here's a quite good free tutorial for newbies (link) in fact Unity is most popular Engine and it can create game of any kind. There were many great games made in Unity that later sold like crazy. If you want to use Unity then learn C# first
  2. my unpopular opinion would be that there needs to be more RTS and MMO games, and not just MOBA and battle royale, which pop up one by one. Also all FPS seem the same to me idk how can people still play them. I guess I have no more unpopular opinions.
  3. I loved old RuneScape but they made a new version and it doesnt give such kicks
  4. i have observed funny phenomenon that bad games will appeal good if youre new to gaming overall.
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