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  1. Sidekicks do have comments on Ukaizo but they don't talk to the big guy. They also have comments in the DLC even if they aren't a recommended companion. I was pleased to see even Mirke had a few comments in SSS, and the arena guards have barks depending on what sidekicks you have. Ydwin has a lot of say in FS. I recommend Vatnir for SSS as well, he has a lot of funny lines.
  2. The main issue on supernova is companions dying permanently. As said you need to buff Inspiration and Determination. Eventually you get perks to bring them back to life, so obviously always take those. I'd also go with a standard time dilation ranged weapon build. Time dilation is necessary because it gives you time to check on your companion health meters. A lot of times you can save a companion by using the inhaler and giving them the command to retreat to a distant point (all in time dilation). They'll come running back eventually but they'll be healed up. Heavy weapons that do AOE are critical against supernova mobs, so don't skimp on that skill. Of course before a tough fight do all the drugs.
  3. Supernova story - killed by those damn primals right outside the Unreliable. Why'd they put King Kong in the starting zone? The end.
  4. He's pretty lively for 95 but he's also a mad scientist. Also, cannibalism apparently makes you superhuman - those cannibals outside of Stellar Bay are one of the toughest fights in the game
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