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  1. This is still an issue as I just got the flaw. In fact, being the control freak that I am, I checked to see exactly what stats fall under the "Personality" group (which is what Paranoia says it affects) and mere seconds after accepting the Flaw Perk it shows -3 to all stats in that group. Something is tripling the number or it is coded wrong in the message. Either way, I would not have taken it if I realized it was that harsh. Single-player game on PS4. I do not have time to restart another character... again... just to remove the bugged flaw affects. I already had to do that once, this char
  2. I agree with OP. Quicksave in a game like this is essential to keep the momentum and immersion going for players. And, the fact that it is available on the other platforms for this game, but not PS4, is actually a bit rude. Everyone paid the same price for this game. On all platforms. No free handouts to PS4. There should be no reason the game does not have the same mechanics as the other platforms.
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