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  1. I've just started playing Temtetm, something like Pokemon Blue, Red etc.
  2. I would prefer a completely new title that collects the best from Mass Effect and OW.
  3. The game is very good, but I expected something better. Still Fallout NV is my favorite Obsidian production. The plot and dialogues should be more refined. I still play, but I try not to abuse the save as in Fallout 1 & 2
  4. I hope they will never add this option, thank the developers for not being the default option. The view from the third person prevents you from empathizing with the game. Even adult movies I only watch POV (it's not a vulgar word so I think I can use it). The third person in the game where you shoot is a mockery, unless you buy a drone that flies behind you
  5. I like the outer worlds, although the hype was huge and I was expecting something more. Fallout NV is my favorite FO 3D and I expected TOW to be even better. Dialogues are very poor, same when it comes to missions. Will The Oter Worlds be further developed?
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