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  1. I tried, oh well. And for the record, the latest COD is about a fictional location and not depicting anything real that has happened. You can certainly see similarities to certain events from the past but the devs even said that wasn't their intent to make us think they're trying to recreate X, just to create a more realistic representation in the life of military operatives. The COD series has been getting more and more realistic every year its come out. The game also has a mature rating and should not be played by "kids", that was also stressed by the devs on many occasions. I get it, "kids" will find a way to play games, but that doesn't mean game companies have to assume so and not provide the content others want to play. I "get" exactly what you're talking about and sorry that doesn't come across in my post.
  2. I get it, but I didn't say it's how "everyone" plays video games as everyone has their own reasons, like you mentioned. And yes, I realize there are both politics and social themes being included in video games, more so than ever. My personal opinion is that it is too much right now, that's all. I noticed that right away while playing The Outer Worlds and was initially put off. But as I got into it as I saw it was just regular folks "sticking it to the corporate giants", and I'm ok with that. What wasn't cool for me was what almost happened to the latest COD, all the outrage over realism and the calls to have the game content changed or removed. Thankfully the devs did not change the game or cave in to the craziness. Then we have Borderlands 3. I'm a regular on the Gearbox forum and came across a thread talking about the playable character FL4K, not sure if you're aware of the topic or not but there's plenty out there to see. This was prior to the game being released and all the trailers depicted FL4K as being masculine due to it's voice. I questioned people on the forum about why they were so upset with people using the "wrong" pronoun to describe it, there were many others doing the same. Some of the respondents were genuinely upset that people couldn't understand why using "him" and "her", etc., incorrectly would sometimes cause pain and anxiety for them. I spoke with several people who felt this way and came to understand where they were coming from and was careful from that point on about being sensitive wrt the gender topic. I do see your point and realize now that I probably shouldn't have questioned OP about wanting a better, less restrictive randomizer for character creation. Once I remembered the discussions had about FL4K it all came back that we live in a different time now and have to be conscious of everyone else
  3. Huh?! I was mesmorized for the entire 55 hours I played it until the end, it was glorious! I also enjoyed FONV but I'm not going to compare the 2. They have a lot of similarities and I loved them both. How was it condescending? I don't see how you feel it was repetitive either. Oh well.
  4. Hahahaha, I'm ashamed to say I saved sooooooo much, so damn much!!!!
  5. Real life is one thing. People are getting tired of this stuff being included in video games, something people do to escape the real world. Social media has made it a thing and it's a "hot topic" in the forums that discuss said games as well, so there's really no getting away from it. I think a lot of people go along with it for fear of being called out. It's one thing to address these issues, but I for one would like to see them not come up or be incorporated into video games I play. There's absolutely no reason to include every single demographic into a video game and the fact that game companies and some people that play them do is kind of scary. Just make games that are fun and fun to play, keep politics and this stuff out of them.
  6. It's why I had serious 2nd thoughts about NOT playing Borderlands 3, with all the nonsense over FL4K's character and whether it was a he, she, it or whatever. It made matters worse when Gearbox came out and officially said that FL4K was a non-gender character so that the non-gender players would stop their media revolt. You should have seen the posts on that forum! It is sad now-a-days that we can't even play a video game and not be assaulted by this bull. I don't know if OP was simply trying to stir stuff up or had a legit concern, who knows, but it really shouldn't be a topic for discussion in this forum in the first place.
  7. Nice!! I did my first run on hard but not sure I want to try supernova. Have you lost any companions yet? I head if one of them dies then that's it, can't be revived, is this true?
  8. The devs were really cool about it, but people saying the game is too short haven't played the game in my estimation. When I completed the end mission I had well over 60 hours in. I did complete all the side, faction and space missions prior to launching the final main mission, so that added to the time. I'm pretty sure the folks doing the speed runs are playing the game for many hours figuring out how to cut time off before they post an actual speed run. Even if somebody just did the main story missions I can't imagine it would be any less than 10-15 hours, and I'm talking a normal playthrough, not one where the goal is speed. This game is all about character interaction and reading all the comm selections before deciding on one, reading all the logs and reports on the terminals, taking in all the NPC conversations, etc. I guess people have to complain about everything these days, but to say this game is short doesn't make sense.
  9. I thought the same thing as I had a lot of saves built up. I deleted all but 3 of them and the slow down did get worse, especially when trying to open the map, it'd hourglass sometimes for up to 20-30 secs, yep, I counted the time it took, hahahaha!!
  10. I'll have to check as I thought I was well past 20 on dodge. Is GB calling dash where you press A twice? If that's the case there's not much dash there, at least as far as what I'm seeing.
  11. I experienced my first lag event last night as I was doing the final mission. I was running around and the screen froze for about 10 seconds and then was fine. Didn't do it again but I was only playing for 30 minutes as I beat, you know who, finally. The other major issue for me, and it became seriously apparent once I just wanted to do side and faction missions simply to level up. Seemed like there was double the amount of loading going on based on actual game play due to all the fast traveling I was doing. Granted, I could have simply walked to each location on a particular planet, but, I've been through all those areas previously, so... It would be interesting to know if this happens on PC or is just due to playing on a console.
  12. All great suggestions. I play on Xbox One X and haven't experienced any stutter or lag as of yet and have about 40 hours into the game. I think the Obsidian team was going for a more Fallout look/feel so the combat feels more like that than Destiny or The Division. I like it that way as the main focus of the game is the RPG and story element. Looks like they did tweak combat a lot from the Fallout New Vegas days. The map is incredibly slow to move around. I found if I zoom all the way out and then move its faster, but then you have to zoom back in to see details. The main reason I wanted to reply was dash forward ability. I've seen game hints during screen reloads but haven't come across it yet in any skills or perks. The hints suggest a quick dash forward/backward, etc., to close the gap, as you suggest, but where do you get this ability? All I can do now is double jump and sprint, no dash is available to me. The other thing I've noticed loading screens are taking way longer than they did right after launch. Not sure if something was patched that caused this but it seems I'm experiencing more wait time between actions than actually playing the game. Have you noticed this?
  13. Hi there. I read your post a couple times to ensure I understood what you're saying. I think I may be missing your point though. Are you saying that when randomizing a character there are no clear male or female or other specific characteristics to apply? I'm pretty sure when I made my character I selected "male" and went from there. I think what you're asking though is specifically about NPC's and that they don't present as anything other than male or female. Are you deducing this based on their speech? It would be pretty hard to do based just on physical appearance though, right?
  14. Yep, that's what I decided to do. Makes it easier now that I found I can sort the missions. I just made level 25 last night. I'll hold off on what I think is the final mission until I get to max level. Thanks as I didn't know 30 was it. I had originally told myself I would do that, but then I wanted to buy something, can't remember what, and sold pretty much everything I had to get it, I think it was a $4k mod or something.
  15. I also just noticed that I'm taking a huge hit by wearing heavy armor, something to the tune of -12 for hacking!!!! I'll have to experiment as prior to noticing this I'd gone for the highest protection without regard for the negative effects. I heard that about the end mission as well. Guess I'll find out. Thanks.
  16. I just watched the same vid, it was very cool that they weren't put off by the run. I still can't believe people are doing that, in 12 mins no less. I went back to an old save and plan to level up to at least 25. Not sure if I can go higher but will find out. I want to be at level 25 or higher when I go back to the final mission area. If the final mission is hard capped then I shouldn't have an issue, I hope. Have you beaten it yet?
  17. Just to start with I'm loving the game so far and have about 35-40 hours in. I've made it to level 23 and the final story mission. I'm playing on hard and haven't had too much of a problem, until last night. I noticed the AI on what looks like the final mission are level 25, I died a lot before I decided to go back and level up some more and do the side and faction missions first. My question is will the final mission AI always be 2 levels higher than me no matter what level I am? Also, does anybody know what the max level is I can achieve? Cheers
  18. Same here. I have over 50 hours in and I think I'm getting close to the end mission, however, there are at least 25-30 other missions on my list to complete and half the planets to explore. I've seen vids where people are speed running the game in 12 minutes. That makes no sense to me, nor does it make sense to rush, if that's what people are doing during a normal play through. I imagine a lot of people fast travel everywhere and just play the main missions. If you do that you're missing out on the best part of the game, IMO. My plan is to complete as many of the side and faction missions as possible before I end the main campaign. My hope is I'll still be playing for at least another 50 hours.
  19. It's weird then because I just took my 2 companions in with me during restricted area's and had no issue. I think it was because I used "that device", if you know what I mean.
  20. Of all the games I've played in 2019 I'd have to agree about TOW being nominated for those categories and I wouldn't have a problem with it winning. I'm almost done with the main story and its so damn good.
  21. Exactly, as it was in Fallout games. The sooner people realize this the better. I've not noticed anything out of the ordinary with the AI. They certainly do follow/chase me around but I haven't measured the distance that they stop and turn around either. The story and characters are what make TOW's, the gameplay mechanics take a backseat to that.
  22. The most important thing here, whether you believe the main story was too short or not, is if you had fun. If you did there's really nothing to discuss from there. We can compare TOW to other games from here until the end of time but it won't make the main story any longer. I'm having a ton of fun so far and think I have less than 9 hours in so far. I noticed a lot of back and forth between folks arguing about whether a game is a "real" RPG or not and it started getting personal. Everybody needs to chill, TOW is an original IP that plays like Fallout and is a hell of a good time.
  23. You can't compare Borderlands with TOW, or Fallout for that matter, the games are so totally different, polar opposites in fact. I love Borderlands, Fallout and now TOW so I can say this having played them all. Story takes a backseat in BL's where it excels in Fallout and even more so in TOW. I'm only 7-8 hours into TOW but so far the character interactions and speech decisions have been outstanding. Run and gun rampant killing is the name of the game for the shooter BL's and I think we can all agree. It just isn't the focus with RPG games at all, especially not Fallout or TOW.
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