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  1. I see they added a feature that most people don't want or turn off. 'Head bobbing' Why?
  2. The one and only thing that I was remotely interested in was wide screen support. Extremely disappointed.
  3. Then if there is no limitations it might be a good chance for the developers to show how customer friendly they are. I would strongly advise them to implement the much needed UW support before the game hits steam. Without UW being fully workable the game will get torn apart by Steam users.
  4. Is there some reason that they didn't make UW screen support with the game such as engine limitations or something? Seems so strange a new and expensive game like this having no support for UW. It's not like it made by a few bedroom coders. Obsidian are suppose to be old hands at developing games.
  5. +10 for widescreen support. I would not have bought if I had known the game didn't have this basic 2019 function.
  6. Bought the game yesterday and am pleased with it apart from it not having any widescreen support 3440x1440. Will there be support for widescreen at some time in the future? I would like to wait for the widescreen option before I start to play the game in earnest.
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