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  1. I can't enter the secret lab in Roseway. I get stuck on the loading screen at all 3 doors. A minor issue is that the game needs more indicators for thirst, hunger and sleep in supernova mode. I must say other than the aforementioned issues I LOVE this game. I hope to see more story driven RPGs like this in the future and less online freemium style cash grabs. Keep up the good work.
  2. I get stuck on a neverending load screen when I try to enter the covert labs in Roseway. I've tried replaying the game from the beginning and a bunch of other work arounds but nothing has worked. It's odd because it is the only bug I've encountered so far but it's a pretty bad one. I haven't seen other people have this problem online. I'm on PS4. I have the latest updates for the game and system. If you can help I would appreciate it.
  3. I can't enter the covert lab area. I get stuck on an endless load sceen at all 3 entrances. I've yet to see anyone else mention this bug specifically. I tried restarting my PS4, leaving Roseway and returning, changing missions in the journal and restarting from the beginning of the game. I'm playing supernova difficulty if that matters. I have the latest updates for my PS4 and the game. I'm probably going to skip both associated quests and move on unless I can get some help. I started over because I needed a secret to sell to Gladys. I'm not keen on the notion of paying her 10000 to skip 2 mi
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