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  1. It looks like Epic accidentally rolled the DLC out in the patch yesterday, then rolled it back to a previous version, bricking all saves from yesterday. At least that's what someone wrote on the subreddit.
  2. It's 9/9 on the West Coast U.S.! I stayed up to download it! I don't see anywhere I can get the DLC...
  3. I half-signed in with the wrong email. Entered my password. And it's on the "allow this App to access your data?" screen. I said whoops, no I want to sign in with a different email. But there's no way to get back to the last screen and no option to sign in with a different email. Anytime I start the game it's stuck on the "allow this app to access your data?" screen, and I don't want to push yes for that email account. Any ideas what I can do? (edit: and I'm on PC)
  4. I wasn't sure about the artstyle at first either. Once I dove in, not only did it grow on me, but I ended up loving it.
  5. It couldn't be this complicated for you guys, could it? Making a 3D gameworld with 3D combat takes 6x the dev time (or whatever it is) than a stationary 2D background on a hex grid. If TOW was isometric with the same budget and dev time there woulda been that many more quests, that many more maps to explore and that much more reactivity in the gameplay. It's a pick your poison thing when it comes to AA budgets. If TOW 2 has a AAA budget, dollars to donuts it's gonna be deep as heck. Also 3D vs. iso is a preference thing when it comes to RPGs. It's like saying Zork is better than Bard's Tale because you prefer games without pictures. Well ok. That's fine. Cool story.
  6. A lot of folks are wondering, and I think the consensus is we're worried that Microsoft will keep it from happening to cut out Private Division. Any word on this?
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