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  1. Same here. No idea when this even happened, as I did not seem to get any notification about it at all, I just noticed when Parvati talked to me about soap, no quest showed up. I just kept going where she mentioned and completing steps, but after the second step of collecting a certain sweet item, there was still no quest update or conversation prompts. Looked at the very bottom of quest list, quest failed because Parvati was killed. Not only was Parvati not killed, I don't think she has even fallen in combat. Default difficulty, no permadeath, XB1. Also, I never saw anything to do with cattle.
  2. Same issue, random Parvati "death", even though none of us are playing on Supernova mode. This happened to me before I even got any steps for the Don't Bite the Sun questline. As soon as the questline popped up, it auto-failed.
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