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  1. Ok, I see, Science weapons are capped at 200 bits so that seems to be working. But at 100 with its -90% , why is tinkering so high for everything else?
  2. Playing on the PS4, raised my Science skill lvl to 100 and on the ship, I tried to Tinker my armor/weapons. To my astonishment, the price was very high after a few "tinkes" , looking at the Science decryption, it says my Tinkering would be capped at Science 80 and Reduced another -90% at 100. Well, either I don't understand what this means or there is a bug because nothing seems to be capped and price can reach thousands of bits quickly.
  3. This is a suggestion: To be able to store all mods in the ship work bench --- for obvious reasons
  4. If u just tap the button to open doors and hold down a bit longer for pull weapon (yes, its annoying but it is what it is), I don't think the devs will correct this in this game, maybe future version if there are any.
  5. So, I would need another registration on the Private Division site, no thanks, I have enough registrations already. I'm past that quest point so if you care to fix it, do so (send them the email or report it on their site) Thanks, Mac
  6. Playing on the ps4, hard mode. During the quest "Distress Signal" or "The Doom That Came to Roadway", the one that has an optional objective of keeping the Queen Mother raptor alive. I did the objective of loading and venting the gas, got the check mark for keeping the Queen Mother alive. Went down to the pit to look for loot and I hear gun fire as as the Queen Mother is up and kicking, my companions are fighting as the Queen comes for me, had to put her down. On quest turn in, I'm never asked about the Queen Mother and don't get any xp
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