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  1. Having supernova labelled as normal would hurt the game. Whats easy to one person isn't easy for everyone. Most people, myself included ignore easy mode in games and go straight to normal or hard. If supernova was labelled as normal it would put a lot of people off because they would rage quit when they find the game too hard. Also consumables are not pointless. I used them a lot on my first playthough which was in hard mode.
  2. Private Division can't access your save. Sometimes xbox support will lie to you to get you off the phone if they don't know how to solve your problem. If your cloud saves aren't syncing then maybe there is a problem with your xbox save cache. You could try going into the storage settings and select the option to clear local saves. This will wipe all saves off your hard drive forcing them to be pulled from the cloud next time you start a game. There is a risk that you might lose saves permanently if there is a problem with your console or network preventing saves from syncing to the cloud so do that at your own risk. Also if you have an ad blocking device attached to your network like a PI-Hole then try disabling it as that can block some features of xbox live
  3. This should be fixed in the upcoming patch. In the mean time you can get past by entering room from the side door. If you search this forum you can find posts with directions on how to find this side door.
  4. As being in a party increases your encumbrance limit and returning to the Unreliable disbands the party it would be a right pain to return to the Unreliable and always be encumbered. It's why I assumed this wasn't a bug. If it is a bug I hope it doesn't get fixed
  5. I didn't think it was a bug. I just assumed the developers intended it this way so that you don't accidentally become encumbered when your max carryweight is reduced due to no longer being in a party.
  6. For syncing to work between PC and Xbox the game has to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. The game is not Play Anywhere so cloud syncing between both versions wont work
  7. According to an email I received from Private Division this is supposed to be getting fixed in patch 1.1.1 but it's not in the patch notes. Either they were wrong and it's actually being fixed in a later patch or it's just missing from the patch notes
  8. I had the same bug with Nyoka. She was still alive and in my party right at the end and it kept saying she didn't survive. I kept the last save and will replay it after the next patch is released in the hope I can get a proper ending
  9. I emailed Private Division about this and they said there will be a fix for this in patch 1.1.1 I'm not seeing it mentioned in the release notes for the upcoming patch though so just got to keep your fingers crossed
  10. Thanks. I emailed Private Division and they replied saying there will be an increase in foliage for the Xbox One version in patch 1.1.1
  11. I have an Xbox One X and apart from the small grass bug and one of my companions wrongfully being shown as dead in the end, I haven't had any of the problems you mentioned. Game has been running smooth for me. Are you running the game on the internal or an external HDD?
  12. This is the only bug i've encountered so far I hope it gets fixed soon because now I know how inferior the Xbox One X version looks to the ps4 pro version it's tarnished my enjoyment of the game a bit. Every time I see barren ground I keep wondering if there is supposed to be grass there.
  13. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if your console is overheating then it's faulty. I used to have the same problem in the community screen in State of Decay 2. It only ever did it in that game but I got the console repaired because it was still under warranty and it hasn't happened since. Just makes sure there is loads of ventilation around it and maybe hoover the vents. Also don't rest your external drives on top of it either. If it still happens after you made sure there is enough ventilation then it probably needs a repair. If it's not under warranty then there are youtube videos on changing the thermal paste on the xbox one X that may help. But it's best only to do that yourself if you know what you are doing.
  14. There seems to be a lot of bugs involving companions being dead when they're not. I got to the end of the game with Nyoka still alive and standing right next to me but the end game slides says she didn't survive out adventures. I was playing hard mode too so she shouldn't have been able to die anyway
  15. I want to know the same thing too. Now I know a lot of vegetation is missing on the Xbox One X it has tarnished my enjoyment of the game. I'm now walking around seeing barren ground and wondering if there should be grass there.
  16. I read on reddit that it's supposed to by caused bu having certain companions in your party. Someone mentioned Ellie as a possible cause I had Nyoka and Felix in my party and didnt get the crash. Apparantly you can avoid the crash by finding the side door and entering the room through that.
  17. Does anyone know if Obsidian plan to fix the small grass rendering bug on the Xbox One X? Basically where you are supposed to see small grass you are seeing dirt or what looks like moss The lanscape looks barren compared to the PS4 Pro version. You can see it in this digital foundry video
  18. Just completed the game in hard mode and the ending slides said the Nyoka didn't survive her time with me. But she did survive. She was actually in my party and standing right next to me when I was talking to phineas at the end.
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