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  1. Absolutely agree with this post. It's the truth. I do like the outer world's but was fairly disappointed with the lack of choices. I figured Obsidian would go all out but I was wrong.
  2. You never played the game. Most quests ARE fetch quests . And yes the factions do just boil down to corporations vs rebels. One example is choosing Botanical gardens over Edgewater .. well nothing interesting happened . The only thing that occurs is all of the cannery workers in Edgewater are found standing outside protesting the cannery being closed down. Nothing happens to the CEO guy either. And Botanical gardens remains exactly the same too. Zero changes .
  3. I agree , the fetch quests are annoying . And there isn't really any consequences to our choices in this game which I found disappointing. Factions are relatively useless except for cheaper prices .
  4. Seems like the majority of quests are just fetch quests ... Not to mention INSANE amounts of experience points for the simplest tasks.
  5. -all of the quests are fetch quests. -decision making is pointless and has no actual effect on anything Edit: also no grenades ? Wtf who came up with that idea?
  6. The only main criticism I have atm for TOW is that it seems like every single mission is a damn fetch quest. Fetch quests are boring.
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