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  1. WOW. I didn't even think it was possible, this trainer works flawlessly at 32:9 (Samsung Odyssey G9), I'm so glad I lingered around here for so long, finally being able to play this game uncropped @ 32:9, it's amazing. I highly recommend anyone following this thread to try this trainer. You can tell the difference with it by pressing F8 to toggle it on and off. It zooms in so much it's ridiculous with it off! Cut-scenes are uncropped, I've played for 5 hours yesterday (beginning of game, Edgewater) and so nothing glaringly anomalous with the trainer (the skybox clips a little on the sides only in Edgewater town @ 32:9 but you have to look for it) Thank you so much Weathers for posting this and thanks to Rose who made the trainer! If any devs are reading / following this thread, please have a look at the trainer, that's all you need to do to implement Ultrawide support in the game!
  2. I just upgraded from my 21:9 panel to 32:9 (AW3418DW to Samsung Odyssey G9), I have zero hope of ever playing this game. Just checking in here as it's currently on sale for 50% off.
  3. Never? Kind of amazing that these devs are tone deaf to PC gaming community. This is where PC gaming is headed, not flat 16:9 4K or "8K": https://youtu.be/1yRhk8iB2YU I'm upgrading from my AW3418DW (120 Hz, IPS, 1800r curvature, 3440x1440) to this, super excited. I come here every month or so to see if any progress has been made and nope! Of course not. Over it many, too many good games on the back-burner to worry about this. My question is, how did a AAA title in 2018 not have support for anything other than 16:9? I truly do not understand this. And implementing wider aspect ratio's isn't even a hurdle from a technical perspective (if done from the beginning). I think the problem is that Obsidian assumed there would be no demand for anything other than 16:9, or very little demand, and chose to not even support it during the early stages of development and now the engine is built around 16:9 and what is required is more than changing a few lines of code, they would need to spend time to fix parts of the game that are 16:9 aspect ratio dependent, presumably certain cut-scenes etc. My disappointment is immeasurable. But, I will remember this debacle with any future Obsidian titles. Going forward, Obsidian, hear this: NO ULTRAWIDE SUPPORT = NO PURCHASE.
  4. What's crazy is that this is the longest running thread at the top of their Outer Worlds Technical Support forum, they have to be aware of our dissatisfaction with no ultrawide support, the question is, can they actually fix the issue from a technical perspective without having to re-write the entire rendering code or is this truly an issue that can be resolved in 20 minutes with a single programmer and they are just lazy. It would be great if someone from Obsidian would take this thread seriously and give us an honest answer but they don't do that, they just keep us hanging here going on two years. This is my last post here, I'm unsubscribing from this thread, I don't have any faith that this game will ever be fixed in this regard and I'm also bothered by the fact that they can't give us an honest answer and are holding everyone up / keeping everyone in limbo expecting this to be fixed. They aren't going to fix it, they either can't from a technical perspective or they truly don't give a **** about a minority of the playerbase who has something other than a 16:9 panel. It's sad to say but the only language they know is money. By this logic, it's not worth spending a single dev an hours worth of labor to fix this game for maybe 500-1000 players waiting for ultrawide support. Yes, this math doesn't actually work ($50 of labor cost to sell the game to at least 500 players @ $30 on sale = $15,000) which leads me to conclude that there is some fundamental problem with the engine and implementing ultrawide support means having to remaking the entire game and they are embarrassed because they either didn't think to add ultrawide support at the outset of development or they didn't think there would be a demand for it. Give the length of this thread, there clearly is demand for it, but now they can't fix it and because they are embarrassed they can't come out and say "hey, we ****ed up, we can't implement ultrawide aspect ratio support because it would require remaking the entire game and all of the cut-scenes" so they just keep dangling us along with bull**** cookie cutter answers "we are currently looking into this issue!". Done and unsubscribed from this thread, it's been over a year now and going on two and honestly, **** this stupid game, too many other games in my backlog, this is a tremendous waste of time and energy.
  5. They aren't ever going to address this issue. Addressing the issue entails paying a single programmer to change a few lines of code for 20 minutes. That they haven't done that yet means they will never do that. Just give it up and remove this game from any wish-list that you have it on.
  6. Yep, unbelievable, looks like I'm permanently skipping this game. Too many other compelling titles to play a game with broken FOV on my 21:9 ultrawide. I won't even get this at 75% off, I won't even play it for free. How they thought it was acceptable to release a game without 21:9 support in 2020 is beyond me. Horizon Zero Dawn? Day 1 ultrawide support. I will be sure to scrutinize any Obsidian titles in the future, no 21:9 support on those, no money from me. What's also awesome is that now all of my posts here require moderator approval, instead of paying a dev or two to implement proper ultrawide support apparently it's cheaper to pay moderators to simply censor criticism from their official forum. What a joke Obsidian is and has become.
  7. https://www.techspot.com/news/83802-samsung-microsoft-xbox-series-x-support-ultrawide-monitors.html
  8. Actually 4:3 is the best. But youre right, the niche rock band analogy is spot on, especially when we consider that 4:3 is hands down the superior aspect ratio. Look at how pointless the extra horizontal viewing area is in The Division for example: The fact is YOU DON'T NEED THAT AND THAT'S INFERIOR TO 16:9. The niche rock band analogy fits PERFECT and makes so much sense! Thank you for proving to all of us at 21:9 or higher that 4:3 is the best! How could I have remained so deluded for so long! I'm throwing this panel into the garbage where it belongs and going with a 4:3 monitor.
  9. Exactly. Great question. Why are we supporting Obsidian? If you have ultrawide, don't support them. My back-log is so extensive, I literally have like 15-20 titles spanning from 2015 to present that I've yet to play or finish, nearly all of which have flawless native widescreen support. I don't need this game. If you have an ultrawide monitor, send Obsidian a message and don't buy the game. Seriously though 21:9 support should be standard considering it takes next-to-zero effort, manpower or money to implement. If I can fix UW support by changing two lines of code in 5 minutes then how long would this take on a developers end? I mean accounting for the fact that yeah, they may have to rework the UI elements for aspect ratio's above 16:9, this isn't hard. We are talking about this literally being a 1 hour problem for a developer to fix. The only reason I can think as to why this isn't fixed is that, as the old saying goes, "there is no such thing as bad press when it comes to trying to sell a product", they are hoping that piddly stupid little controversies keep this game active among various PC technical outlets (i.e. Digital Foundry etc.) "they still haven't fixed ultrawide support". I mean I have no other explanation. I can tell you this though, at 6 months past release with only one comment amounting to "We heard you" made 2 months ago with nothing new since I am basically going to boycott the title on those grounds. **** this game. Straight up. I have SO many games on my back-log, I don't need it. Like there's nothing revolutionary or special about this title. Maybe they will implement ultra-wide support 2 years down the road, I won't care. I can't imagine how much money they lost that would have come from those of us sporting 21:9 / 32:9 panels that refused to buy (I'm sure it's way more than the cost of one engineer working for one hour at $50 an hour to implement ultrawide support). The profit Obsidian would have made from myself and at least, I don't know, 500-1000 others with ultrawide panels who refused to buy the game would be enough to pay 20 engineers working on this issue 24 hours a day for two months straight. It's SO easy to implement, I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that we're talking about 1 hour of time from one developer tops.
  10. If I can add ultrawide support to say, Assassins Creed: Odyssey, by changing two lines of code with a hex editor, taking 5 minutes tops, how long would it take a dev to do this properly on their end? 30-60 minutes tops? Half an hour of work but they cant do it. It's just too much.
  11. Thanks I guess? How did at minimum 21:9 support not make it into the development process? It's 2020, ultrawide support should be standard unless youre making a game for Android. Seriously fail. Now those of us with something other than garbage tier flat 16:9 can wait around until, mid-2020 or 2021 before the game properly supports UW? Oh well, the upside is that by then I will be able to get the game for $20. Next time ultrawide support out of the gate, it's literally 30 minutes of work and you can get $60 from those of us who want to buy the game during the excitement. Now I will just wait until it goes on sale. Golf clap for stupid decisions. How much money did you save not implementing ultrawide support from the get go? 30 minutes of dev time at what, $50 an hour? Ok, now how many thousands of us with ultrawide monitors didn't buy the game at full price at launch and will now just wait until it goes on sale for $20 because the excitement media press buzz has died down and we have AAA titles fast approaching on the horizon, all of which WILL have ultrawide support right at launch: Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077 etc. Moral of the story is hmmmm, I don't know, implement basic features at launch? 21:9 and higher support IS A BASIC FEATURE. You mean to tell me NO-ONE on your dev team uses a curved 21:9 or 32:9 panel for gaming and was like "hey we should implement ultrawide support right at launch for the PC release"? I find that hard to believe. Get with the times man, seriously. Do yourself a favor and get a curved 21:9 panel. There's NO going back to flat 16:9, EVER.
  12. Just a heads up everyone, a moderator deleted a paragraph long post of mine because it included a single line of profanity laden text directed at Obsidian. The entire post was deleted outright, with no opportunity to simply recover the singe use of profanity. Then I was threatened with a ban. Apparently this is how Obsidian is going to address this problem, by the use of censorship. Instead of fixing this glaring technical issue they are basically engaging in witch-hunting and are deleting posts and threatening members with a ban. For these reason I elect to never buy this title, even if ultrawide support is added. That this was not added from the get-go, that's just a huge insult to a growing minority of players with an ultrawide format monitor. I encourage everyone reading this to boycott Obisidian. They do not care about the PC playerbase. If they did native 21:9 support and higher would be there at launch. It's been what, 6 months now and we don't even have a single reply from them, that they are at least aware of the issue and working on a fix. That the fix in question is easy to make from a design and coding perspective is rather ominous. This game and Obsidian are irrelevant to me at this point and I will not be excited for any future titles released on PC. Good job Obsidian, instead of at minimum acknowledging that this is a problem and telling us whether or not a fix if forthcoming you resort to paying overhanded moderators to engage in cyber-bullying, Thought Police-esque behavior. Golf clap and done. This will be my last post here, I don't care if this ever gets fixed. I'm done with this game and Obsidian.
  13. Insult to injury is that adding 21:9 support is simple. For the games that I have that don't have 21:9 support in cinematic sequences all that is required is changing two lines of code with a hex editor (Assassins Creed: Odyssey). It's not complicated, we are literally talking about 30 minutes of work tops. That they don't do it, that's a nice big fat "**** you" to anyone without a 16:9 panel. Them releasing a game that only works with a 16:9 panel is like a dev team making a game that only works with a 4:3 display in ~2005 when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released and all games were then being made in 16:9 format up from 4:3 format. Everyone who can afford to do so is moving from 16:9 to 21:9, it's the next logical format evolution. Games look amazing and can now be pushed at 1440p 21:9 with current GPU hardware, ultrawide format movies fill up the entire display with no black bars, I could go on. This is where everyone is going who can afford to do so. That Obsidian release a near AAA game in 2019-2020 only in 16:9, seriously, clueless and I will never buy this game until it has proper ultrawide aspect ratio support. I don't support lazy devs and I never will. This game isnt worth $10 during a deep sale if the cut-scenes are 16:9 with black bars, stretched 16:9 and / or the gameplay is simply zoomed in 16:9 with the top and bottom missing, i.e. Overwatch, another game I don't own and apparently never will. Here's what I've been enjoying all recent titles from 2017 onward on, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, The Witcher 3, Resident Evil 2 remake, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry 5, and now the Division 2 just to name a few. Everything looks absolutely stunning in curved 21:9 and I'm never going back, not for The Outer Worlds or any other game. If it doesn't have 21:9 support I simply wont play it. I have too many amazing games still on the back-burner that I've yet to get to. The Division 2 16:9 vs 21:9
  14. IKR? Honestly there are so many games out and on sale and my back-log is beyond out of control that I could care less about this game TBH. If they never implement 21:9 that's fine, I don't need to play this game. It is truly ridiculous though. It's 2019, not 2005.
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