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  1. My sources tell me that for "Interactive Drama: Dialogue as Gameplay", John Gonzalez will be replaced by Daniel Erickson, Writing Director of BioWare Austin, as John is in the middle of switching companies. Just a heads up so nobody's blindsided by the switch. See y'all at PAX!
  2. I said it on the Bio boards, and I'll say it here. Goodbye, Rob, and good riddance!!!! Uh, I guess that's not quite what I said on the Bio boards. I think everyone gets the point, though.
  3. When making a game/mod/D&D campaign/any other creative work, what do you focus on first: story, setting, characters, or something else entirely? It's a pretty simple question, but I suspect the answer varies a lot by person and by project. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
  4. I have had the... experience... of playing BigRigs over the road Racing. If you ever see this: Cancel. Please, for the love of all that is good, hit Cancel.
  5. Since when are you "any reasonable person"?
  6. Yes, he's credited with "Additional Production" on SoZ.
  7. Whoa. For what it's worth, I talked to him on his Obsidian office phone well after the rumors hit. Based on that and what he posted on rpgcodex, it sounds like it was totally his choice. While the fanboy in me can't imagine wanting to leave Obsidian, I wish him the best! And if he wants to work on Purg, nothing's stopping him
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