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  1. Could somebody explain the stuff they're posting because I have no idea what most of it is. What I probably dslike the most is anything after the 6th movie because the Sith were supposed to be detroyed based off the prophecy so it just ruins everything.
  2. Seeing as how the Kotor MMO thread is closed... I'm actually pretty excited for this MMO. It's no KOTOR 3 but it looks to be plenty interesting if they can pull off all of the stuff they're saying they can do well.
  3. What do you mean that you would not be able to accomplish anything? The end of KOTOR 2 is set up for the True Sith to invade the Republic since the Republic is just about dead anyway and the Jedi Order nearly non-existant. The only reason they would have been delayed 300 years in which the Republic recovered would be if Revan/Exile accomplished something in the Sith Empire. You can't realistically expect that they destroy all of the Sith by themselves, so instead they just caused enough problems that the Sith were not able to attack for another 300 years. There's plenty of potential for what happened there.
  4. Look on the bright side people. By skipping ahead 300 years and leaving Revan/Exile fates a mystery there is still hope for KOTOR3. Since the Republic/Jedi were incredibly at the end of KOTOR2, why did the Sith wait 300 years to finally attack? Maybe someone stirred up some trouble there, damaging them so they could not attack for another three centuries... Don't give up KOTOR 3 hope!
  5. I think LA and whatnot NOT saying anything about the KOTOR MMO points more to it existing than not existing, because they could so easily justr deny it if it wasn't true and be done with the rumors
  6. LS takes longer 4 me cuz it seems more defensive...and i get annoyed having to keep reaplying all the buffs and whatnot, its so much easier just to spam awesome DS powers
  7. I guess Revan did kind of destroy the Sith, but did he make them stronger than ever in doing so? Thinking about him now though, Revan does actually seem like he's the Sith'ari. He is "free of all restrictions" in that he has never appeared to be tied completely to either the dark or light side, he is hiw own master and passes between the two as he wills. I don't know the exact quote but Malak says something for the LS (canon) ending about how Revan is not part of the ls or ds and will forever stand alone. If i could revote on the poll I would say Revan (I don't actually remember the vote though, I think it was for Bane tho)
  8. Playing a level as Revan to determine his alignment is porbably the best way to choose his alignment i think because just answering questions about him as someone else just feels kind of weird.
  9. It doesn't matter WHEN it happened, my point is just that it ended with the main character's death.
  10. But, if you are claiming one side of the force is stronger than the other, you still have to admit that a Darkside user could defeat the same opponents. .... because they don't want anyone to be upset. It would really make people angry, (even me) if they said that since canon Revan is LS then I can't play a different way sometime and go DS and win. Then why is it that its so much easier to kill all those foes as DS? Easier than it is as LS, and u cant say thats because they didnt want to make people angry, its just because DS is better
  11. 9 seems like a bit much. I'd rather go more in-depth into a few planets than simply scratch the surface of a dozen. I don't want to do Korriban or Dantooine again either.
  12. Alright then. Does anyone think they ever will make a Sith'ari? I'm not sure how George Lucas would feel about having such an ultimate victory by the Sith
  13. I thought Frodo DID die at the end...I guess I'll have to read the books again...
  14. Why does it matter that LS users are generally the ones to kill DS users? It works the other way as well. Most Jedi are killed by Sith, and most Sith are killed by Jedi. It's just how it works and so you can't say that Sith Lords dying to Jedi makes the DS weaker.
  15. You are very angry Jediphile. Anger is the path to the Dark Side.
  16. Although I guess he DID destroy the Sith, he never ruled them and I don't know about Star Wars EU but is the new order of Sith stronger than ever?
  17. Did Luke, the main character, die at the end of RotJ? Was the ending "dark and gloomy because the rest of the so-called Imperial rule was"? I'm sorry but if I'm not emo and I think it'd be stupid to just kill off everyone and have the same dark atmosphere exist after the series ends. Killing characters off is the quick and easy and non-intelligent way out. They could be more creative than that. Maybe, but I think all of this really depends on whether they are going to continue with Revan and the Exile or not. If they decide not to do anymore, then they should kill them to tie things off (because like I said earlier they could be too much of a threat). If they want to continue with these characters then sure, leave them alive.
  18. Ya...I would like at some point to be able to play a neutral Jedi
  19. Do we know that it is hell? I didn't really think that there was heaven or hell type things with Star Wars, i thought you just became one with the force.
  20. If that's the case...does the Republic even stand a chance? The True Sith could send over one person and completely destroy it. The True Sith won't be more powerful than regular Jedi/Sith (except the higher ups of course) there will just be more of them with the force. We definitely need to start from level one though, preferrebly with a new PC. To Albion, if you're character is not special or unique in any way, what would make him the choice to go off after Revan or do whatever he does? He needs to at least be a powerful Jedi or else he wouldn't even compare to Revan/Exile or Evil Sith Lords and it would be boring Edit: Although it actually might be kind of cool to not be specifically super powerful. You would need to depend more on your companions, and we could even increase the party size a little bit. For the final battle with the boss, instead of going 1 on 1 you could have your party with you, but have the boss so powerful that it really needs everyone to defeat him.
  21. Destroyed the Sith Empire, it fits. And this is the end of a series (possibly) and therefore the ending is going to of COURSE be different from the others. Are you going to complain that at the end of ROTJ Darth Vader was a good guy when he wasn't at the end of the first two so it doesn't fit? It's the END, things change.
  22. I agree, there is yet to be a Sith'ari. Crushing all opposition does not mean that it can never return. Take Anakin for example. He was the chosen one and supposed to destroy the Sith, which he did, but apparently in the EU they crop up again a few years later. On the poll is Vader. How is he the Sith'ari? He was the Jedi's chosen one, not the Sith's.
  23. 1. New PC. While it is plausible for the Exile to lose his power again (since it was absorbed from his companions who might not be with him anymore) I'm pretty sure he would be pissed having to start from scratch for the 3rd time in his life. 2. I just really want the hood 3. Prestige classes were pretty cool, bu make some for neutral characters 4. I think he means other Empires besides the Sith, but I really think the game should be mostly confined to the Sith Empire itself 5. No, I don't want sub-plots in this game (sarcastic)
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