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  1. Qui-Gon was a very good Jedi master no doubt about that, Obi-Wan was more....modern in a sense, and he saw Anakin more as a friend than a apprentice...however Obi-Wan was still wise and couldn't really do much with Anakins whole reckless behaviour, I don't really think it would've changed the outcome unless Mace Windu trained him. Gotta love Mace
  2. No comparison, for me. If I haven't played any of the kotors, and I had $90 to buy a game, I would buy KoTOR 1-2 and some take-away, rather than TFU. Personal opinion, but I really don't think TFU has anything besides catchy graphics, which most games have these days.
  3. Romance? If you want to see romance, play Beauty and the Beast or something, the hell, this is KoTOR we're talking about, leave romance out of it.
  4. Yes, Mandalore is tough. He is nasty in both the good and the bad sense. However, for me the bad heavily outweighs the coolness factor, since it disgusts me how he takes pride in attacking the innocent and helpless of the Republic. That's the infantile boy who torments his baby sister and makes her cry because he doesn't feel he gets enough attention from his mother. That's how I see the Mandalorians. I can appreciate their skill in war, but their attitude is immoral, inexcusable and infantile. Mandalorians are somewhat referenced as Spartans, pure warriors, that don't fear nothing.... I personally think that they are just all-out tough, that's it, but attacking the innocent and stuff like that, is a bit disturbing.
  5. Yeah, he's a pretty good character imho, just pisses me off about the whole, opening up thing, took me ages to convert haha
  6. Mmm same here, TFU and Fracture, don't look too bad though.
  7. Hahah exactly, not sure how you anyone here feels about Indiana Jones, and the Mercenaries?
  8. Ahhh, perhaps. But then again Lucasarts has a way of releasing games like ThrillVille, that noone wants, lol so we never know, they're a weird bunch.
  9. Hrmm would've thought that Bao-Dur would get more votes, but then again, am I the only one that can't get a lot of dialogue with him?
  10. haha, yeah I know what you mean, but yeah, I cannot really see KoTOR covering it at all, now that I think about it. And if it would be, then it would be an FPS of a sort. Haha, yeah. small ass world eh
  11. haha, I suppose you're right, I was just contemplating it, simply because the Mandalorian War is something that could be very be easily covered, and since I don't read any sort of Star Wars comics thought it would be somewhat a nice idea. But theres much that can happen after TSL.
  12. Yeah, he got back to Dxun cos Revan told him. But if Revan is not really mentioned in K3, which there is a possiblilty, then he won't be either.
  13. Canderous is long gone I'm afraid lol I would like to see Bastilla again in there, would be pretty interesting.
  14. Seems like it, I only got energy for like another half hour or so lol

  15. True, better be safe than sorry I guess
  16. Ey :) nm jsut being awake at 5:40 in the morning, whats going on with you?

  17. alt+tab out of the game, ctrl+alt+del, find the kotor process, right click, Set affinity, and uncheck the CPU 1.
  18. Ey nm, just being awake at 5:30 in the morning, sup with you?

  19. Mmm yeah, you're right, it's something worth continuing, I'm sure everyone is curious about Revan.
  20. Hrmm I have heard of people doing this, don't think theres software to do it though, I think it's through your BIOS, could be wrong, but good luck.
  21. Try going into the Lucasarts folder in Program Files, Right-Click on swkotor.exe, tick Run as an administrator, then change the compatibility mode to Windows XP, and retry.
  22. I'm assuming you have patched the game? Got the latest Video Card drivers? What are your system specs?
  23. Let's hope KoTOR 3 will be the same. Someone suggested on another forum for Kotor 3 to be telling a story about the whole Mandalorian War and the events that happened there, anyone else thinks that this would be a good idea, or even a possibility, somewhat a prologue.
  24. AFAIK, Sony's license for a Star Wars MMORPG is set to run out in 2009, which incidentally just happens to be the year the tv show begins. So my suspicion would be that Galaxies will be discontinued and shut down to make way for a new MMORPG set in the time between episodes III and IV just like the tv show will be. But we'll have to wait and see, I guess. Not that I'll play either anyway... Makes a lot of sense. Guess everyone wants a piece of the MMORPG market, sad really.
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