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  1. (I never purchased a Voyager class ship). Early game I purchased the Junk Ship (named "WATCHER"), fully equipped & manned it ever since. With Full upgrades - Ymyran Steel Helm, Arcane Lanterns, Ymyran Steel Anchor, Captain's Quarters, and Menagerie With 21 max capacity full crew & resting crew members With 1 stationed Expert Boatswain Mate; 2 stationed Master Deckhands and 3 stationed Expert Deckhands With 1 stationed Master Helmsman; 1 stationed Master Nav; 1 Stationed Master Cook; and 1 stationed Expert Surgeon With 3 stationed Master and 2 stationed Expert Cannoneers (5x5 Cannons) With (Gulskin +30/Dragonwing +15)Sail 90/90; (Blackwood +15/Red Dream +40)Hull 105/105; flying 16 Triumphs with 20 colors in storage. With Morale 100/100 Lively; Bonus Experience 20%; Max health, fully stocked supplies and excellent food
  2. Thanks for the reply srulz, but your suggestion was literally what I did for my 1st out of 4 fails to reach Ukaizo. The next three efforts was to change the Blackwood-hull to that other combat-hull upgrade; changed the Dragon-sail to that other enchanted sail with more health; and finally to upgrade crew from Experts to masters, and still the watcher drowns. So I began to think the DLCs and Latest patches must have added some requirements that I don't know about? *SPOILERS* PS: OMG, I just had this thought, could my game selection of story (easy) difficulty mode have triggered prerequisites before reaching Ukaizo?! That would make sense, and I guess no player tested this in the story mode easiest difficulty level? Or maybe I am over thinking this, I guess my next playthrough on a higher difficulty will reveal how the program code changes.
  3. ENDGAME SPOILERS REQUIRED! How can I bypass all FACTION ALLIANCES and many quests and hoops to go to Ukaizo? Did the new patches and DLCs make faction alliance a Watcher requirement to reach Ukaizo? I watched some gameplays prior to buying PoE1 and PoE2 so spoilers are okay for me, but I have failed (4x -twice changed hulls & sails then upgraded crew from experts to masters) to find a way to reach Ukaizo without joining a faction. Still no go - the Watcher takes a swim to the end. I hope some talented gamer or Dev will post this bare minimum list of actions to reach Ukaizo, because that would interest me greatly and then everyone could choose some quests and ignore others on their way to the game's finale. If this was already posted here in the forums or on other internet sites then please provide the link, my search failed to find it.
  4. Thank you Fhav6X for this list! Now that a list of the console commands are available to us here, I sorely need an explaination and example of correct use of those commands. On a related effort, What's the console command for removing the cannibal sailor "Giordu Red-Handed" from the Watcher's ship?
  5. I recently bought the game and in my rush I looted the cannibals' kith meat and rescued the caught red handed sailor. Not wanting any of that I activated the console commands to remove them - after trial and error I eventually removed the flesh pie and kith meat but still haven't found a solution for removing the unwanted sailor from my ship. What's the console command for removing that sailor from the ship? Please help.
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