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  1. (I never purchased a Voyager class ship). Early game I purchased the Junk Ship (named "WATCHER"), fully equipped & manned it ever since. With Full upgrades - Ymyran Steel Helm, Arcane Lanterns, Ymyran Steel Anchor, Captain's Quarters, and Menagerie With 21 max capacity full crew & resting crew members With 1 stationed Expert Boatswain Mate; 2 stationed Master Deckhands and 3 stationed Expert Deckhands With 1 stationed Master Helmsman; 1 stationed Master Nav; 1 Stationed Master Cook; and 1 stationed Expert Surgeon With 3 stationed Master and 2 stationed Expert Cannoneers (5x
  2. Thanks for the reply srulz, but your suggestion was literally what I did for my 1st out of 4 fails to reach Ukaizo. The next three efforts was to change the Blackwood-hull to that other combat-hull upgrade; changed the Dragon-sail to that other enchanted sail with more health; and finally to upgrade crew from Experts to masters, and still the watcher drowns. So I began to think the DLCs and Latest patches must have added some requirements that I don't know about? *SPOILERS* PS: OMG, I just had this thought, could my game selection of story (easy) difficulty mode have triggered
  3. ENDGAME SPOILERS REQUIRED! How can I bypass all FACTION ALLIANCES and many quests and hoops to go to Ukaizo? Did the new patches and DLCs make faction alliance a Watcher requirement to reach Ukaizo? I watched some gameplays prior to buying PoE1 and PoE2 so spoilers are okay for me, but I have failed (4x -twice changed hulls & sails then upgraded crew from experts to masters) to find a way to reach Ukaizo without joining a faction. Still no go - the Watcher takes a swim to the end. I hope some talented gamer or Dev will post this bare minimum list of actions to reach Ukai
  4. Thank you Fhav6X for this list! Now that a list of the console commands are available to us here, I sorely need an explaination and example of correct use of those commands. On a related effort, What's the console command for removing the cannibal sailor "Giordu Red-Handed" from the Watcher's ship?
  5. I recently bought the game and in my rush I looted the cannibals' kith meat and rescued the caught red handed sailor. Not wanting any of that I activated the console commands to remove them - after trial and error I eventually removed the flesh pie and kith meat but still haven't found a solution for removing the unwanted sailor from my ship. What's the console command for removing that sailor from the ship? Please help.
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