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I'm making a mod that adds party members to the ship crew. I've got most of the way there (little portraits, visibility conditional for the party member being in the roster, personality traits and jobs that I think go with each character) BUT when I crew my ship with party members and sail to the endgame, the scripted interaction is just a mess of this kind of thing:

claps you on the back. "We did it, captain."

"The captain did it, more like," says, wiping away sweat and soot with a rag. "We were just along for the ride."

chuckles, but glances towards Ondra's Mortar.

Any insight on how to get their names to properly display in scripted interactions? The stringtable for the lines above has [specified 0] etc. Where exactly is the game looking to grab those names?


E: researched a bit (scalawags pack is useful to compare because of the relatively small number of files) but I'm still mystified. I have figured out that if it isn't something I can mod (like if the scripted interactions get the name from the unity prefab or something) then I can just give them a personality trait that stops them speaking in conversations, but I hope it's something relatively simple that I'm just missing.




E again: A separate question: Are the injuries sustained by crew members in ship battles considered to be of the "Injury" affliction type, like the injuries party members get? Let's say "Crew Member Eder" got injured in a ship battle. Could I run a script that goes something like "Boolean HasAfflictionOfType [crew member eder uuid / injury affliction type uuid] -> Void AddInjury [party member eder / injury X]"? I can give this a try myself but that'd be a bit more time-consuming to test. If crew member injuries have that affliction type it should work though, I think



E again again: regarding the original thing, it seems the crew member names not showing up in scripted interactions is part of a larger bug affecting base game crew as well. I got this when testing the Ukaizo SI with a normal crew:




And when I made a crew entirely out of 20 copies of the Eder crew member I made it worked sometimes:




May test a bit more and see if it's been reported in the bug forums

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One issue with modding in additional crew members: any saves made after the mod is installed require the mod to load, that is to say the mod cannot be uninstalled. Is there a way to remove crew members from the inventory? I think that would do it. I seem to remember peardox having an item or conversation option that destroyed items (presumably to clean up saves in case of issues like this) but I can't remember the details :(

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I'm probably going to just upload this as-is, since I just like having party members available as crew even if it isn't 100% immersively integrated, but I'd like to have one more go at ironing out the issues. Mainly, does anyone know if it's possible to remove crew members from the inventory in any way other than them dying during ship combat? I have a save where I sacrificed Ydwin to the Beast Of Winter, which caused the game to say "Ydwin is dead!" however she still appears on my crew. I tried setting a visibility conditional of "IsCompanionInRoster" for Ydwin, I tried "IsGlobalValue ["b_ydwin_dead"]" and I tried a scripthook to remove the sailor from the inventory if Ydwin is dead, but nothing worked. Also in that save Pallegina left due to my faction choice, and I can't remove her either. Can sailors just not be removed from the inventory at all? Is sailor death in ship combat exposed and moddable somewhere in the exported folder? If I can find how sailors are killed in ship combat maybe I can apply that to the party member sailors.

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I recently bought the game and in my rush I looted the cannibals' kith meat and rescued the caught red handed sailor. Not wanting any of that I activated the console commands to remove them - after trial and error I eventually removed the flesh pie and kith meat but still haven't found a solution for removing the unwanted sailor from my ship.

What's the console command for removing that sailor from the ship?
Please help.

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