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  1. Please investigate the stutter on PC. You can improve it by capping framerate via Rivatuner (it gets much worse with in-game limiter) but it's still not there. For me it's fairly constant, and this is on a 2080. It even occurs when cappng to 60. This occurs everywhere but is especially bad outside and in towns. It occurs on most if not all configurations - check out the Reset Era PC performance thread for TOW, about 25 pages and most users report stutter.
  2. I just tried to start playing Deadfire again, and while I have not finished tweaking, it runs worse than ever post 5.0. I have massive, huge, stutters - like it locks up for half a second, every 30 seconds, always. Apart from that it stutters frequently in conversations, otherwise as well. I have a 2700x and a RTX 2080. Please Obsidian - in neither POE1 or POE2 did you fix your awful frametimes, choppy gameplay and overall stuttering. Please understand that for some of us that are sensitive to this, it makes the game so much less enjoyable. In certain areas like Fort Deadlight it really impacts gameplay. It runs really, really badly (got about 35-50 FPS with huge stutters there). Unity gets lots of ****, but frankly other developers don't have anywhere near the same extent of issues with frametiming or choppiness. I would guess it is because they care about the issue and either have or procure the expertise needed to sort it. For your next games, you have to start to take this seriously. Moving to Unreal is a good move (Unreal 4 is a super smooth engine), and I hope you stick with that for an eventual POE3. It's such a shame that you craft such beautiful games that are so engrossing and fun to play, all while you constantly get ripped out of it due to huge stutters.
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