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  1. You wouldn't want to play the games of the best FPS developer out there or anything. :(
    I think it's time Valve stopped living off the hype of the grossly overrated HL2 and Xpacks... there are far better games. This may be a step in the right direction, though.



    AI is nice. Basically, regular zombies just run and mob you. Boss zombies do a pretty good job of ambushing you when your team is spread out a bit, or when you're busy. The AI director is nice. Keeps you on edge, you never know when the next swarm is coming.
    Yeah, I've read about the Director. Sounds pretty clever. What about friendly AI? I guess the point of the game is pretty much not to have any AI-controlled friendlies, but you never know.
  2. Flood is my friend. Bill and Francis are AI players, going by their character names. Louis was played by Slasher (me) and Zoey by Flood! The climactic sequence from "No Mercy!" (the name of the movie we're in haha). Curing the infection. One bullet at a time!
    Hey, cool. How's the AI?
  3. I do wish there was some sort of follow-up to it where you could "officially" confront the ghouls in dialogue afterwards.
    Um, I think there is, actually. I kinda broke the quest, because I gave Roy an armed grenade (which he was none too happy to accept, the ungrateful bastard) immediately after finding out he had murdered Tenpenny, which led to the very bizarre outcome of every ghoul and human in the tower going missing, save for his ghoul girlfriend. And her, you can confront about what happened. She's somewhat surprised and yet lukewarm on the issue, and you still get bad karma for killing her though. But I read that if you allow Roy to live, he gloats about the deed later.



    Anyone know if there's any use for red and blue pass cards? What about those old metro tickets?
    Passcards are useless as far as I can tell. Metro tickets are useless for the most part too, but sometimes, if you reactivate a Metro Protectron, they will ask for your "ticket, please". If you don't have one, they attack.
  4. Overall I've been extremely happy with the choices in quests, but I've reached the first quest that I REALLY disliked: Tenpenny Tower.
    I liked that quest a lot, if not immediately. I was pretty shocked to find out how things can turn out with that, but thinking about it later, I came to realize why it's one of the best quests I've seen so far.

    I think it's pretty awesome that the player can't control anything and everything in the game - and that sometimes NPCs manipulate the player, too. Roy simply uses the player to further his own agenda. An evil bastard ghoul, a bunch of bigots that are proven right in the end... and in the midst of it, the clueless player, which can choose to turn a blind eye the not-so-subtle hints that Roy lets on about his true intentions. As grim as it is fitting, I think. The problem with killing Roy and getting bad karma doesn't have an easy solution. He IS innocent, at that point at least, so killing him is wrong. You don't get bad karma once you find the corpses in the basement.


    It IS possible to get a happy ending for the quest, though. But unfortunately, it involves metagaming. In order to have the ghouls and humans living in community yadda yadda, you need to complete the diplomatic approach, tell Tenpenny about it, and then tell Roy. And when they are heading for the tower, kill the bastard. That way nobody else dies... but there's no way to explain why would you act that way in-game.


  5. I'm gonna have to wait until next Tuesday. But honestly, I don't really expect much. Mindless Zombie gore fest + multiplayer? Nahhh...
    Indeed. What we really need are some deep, cerebral conversations on a metaphysical level with those zombies, and none of that childish pewpew stuff. I mean, please, give us something worthy of our obviously superior intellects!


    Also, screenies plz. ;)

  6. Yeah, I've seen a pair of Yao Guai kill an entire Outcast patrol. I may or may not have led the beasts to them, but it was scary how easily they made short work of them. For that alone, the perk seems to be worth it, even if it won't work with Deathclaws (at least it didn't in the previous two).


    Shame about radscorpions, though.


    edit: beaten to the punch

  7. I've heard others describe it as you have, but overall I'd say Starwars's assessment is the most prevalent one (of people who have actually played the game).
    The most prevalent, you say? As in some sort of general consensus? I think you may have been spending too much time on NMA, because otherwise, the word is it's a solid, overall fun game, and a worthy sequel. I mean, just read the threads here and elsewhere - only folks who were already bashing the game with all their heart before knowing jack about it make those "assessments". And they are, for the most part, a rehash of the arguments used when bashing the game beforehand, possibly in an attempt to save face. Prejudice not necessarily clouding judgement, but influencing it rather plainly.


    Mind you, I'm not trying to sell it to you... I simply find your eagerness to accept opinions that only reassure your preconceptions a bit shortsighted.



    The real reason I'm not touching FO3 has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the name Bethesda. I simply don't trust them.
    I thought you had "researched". It's becoming increasingly obvious though that "research" doesn't mean what you think it means.



    I have limited gaming dollars, and I'm only gonna spend it on games I'm sure I'll enjoy.
    That's really the only argument you need. So why are you trying to disguise yourself as an informed buyer?



    I bet everybody here has judged a game before playing it. In fact, I KNOW everyone has.
    Really? And tell us, did you arrive to this "knowledge" by means of your "research", as well?


    Because, you see, stuff like rental, demo, lending, etc do exist... many ways you can try a game without shelling out the dough.



    FO3 is a Bethesda game, and by nature, that means it sucks.
    That's essentially the same as saying that any post by you is nonsense by default. Not entirely fair, eh?
  8. Yep, it's made exploration pretty interesting. I have a lot less stuff attacking me as I wander the wastes, and when those weird zombie wolf things come to my aid against raiders, they can be very effective. I'm also saving on ammo!
    Yeah, Animal Friend definitely sounds neat. Do you know if it affects the nastier critters (Yao Guai, Mirelurk Hunter)?


    The downside is that those are a big chunk of the XP you get while wandering aimlessly...

  9. Bad sequels pervert the atmosphere and feel of the original that you've got stored away in your head. It's similar to how after you watch a movie of a book (good or bad), whenever you read those books from then on, you think of the characters the way the movie portrayed them instead of your original abstractions (Harry Potter comes to mind).
    Well, I suppose I understand what you mean, but I've never had that happen to me. I guess my head just compartmentalises stuff rather strictly...



    Which devs? MCA and co? Micro Fort
  10. Hey Bok, what's up with the blue HUD?



    I hate FO3.


    There, I said it. No rational reason for it whatsoever. Haven't played it. Don't intend to. I am a bitter old skull :)

    Hahaha, at least you're honest about it.



    I wish I had time to check it out, but once I finish The Witcher EE, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky is up next for presumably quite a while.
    Clear Sky is great, a much better shooter than FO3, but it's not really a RPG. I recommend getting a weapon tweak mod or two, though...
  11. From the fact that VATS sounds like a dumb combat system, the fact you can kill people will teddy bears, the fact that the writing looks to be 'not so good' (that's being polite), and more all reasons to avoid this game.
    The teddy bear thing is plain weak, as it's just random junk that's used for the weapon. As for VATS... you could NOT use it, if it was really so terrible, you know? Is that your "research"? Sounds more like prejudice to me.



    so why in the bejeebers would Beth change that formula just to please an internet geek like me?
    So why did they change stuff like dialog and leveling if, according to you, they don't think anything needed changing?


    Anyway, it's your loss.

  12. Cry me a river, you're a master of misrepresentation.
    And you're welcome to call me on it whenever I do it. This isn't one of those instances, so what you're doing basically amounts to "NO U". Great going.



    That's right!
    Yes. Please, continue. Your point...? I take it you have one, since you omitted the part of the reply where I made mine.



    Boycotting or destruction of a product isn't making a big deal about it, it's extreme overreaction. I was referring to the fact that articles have been written on the issue.
    That's a "big deal"? Some random person writing and posting an article on the www? How is it a big deal and not simply discussing a feature of the game and how it's an example of the developer's inability to tackle issues meaningfully? He's not even ranting about it - did you even read the article, or just hit "I'm feeling lucky" in Google and copy-pasted?



    But nevermind that, I'll be honest with you, yes, I am deeply bothered that people are discussing this issue.
    You need to work on your sarcasm.
  13. That's really cool! Another thing I missed.
    Yeah, on the other hand, I only have like 3 bobbleheads or so... and one is for Big Guns, which I had maxed already.



    A lot of them look very shooter-like graphic wise - does the gameplay follow suit in feeling more like a shooter, or does it "feel" like a roleplaying game whilst actually playing, if that makes sense?
    No, it's a shooter through and through, as far as combat is concerned. Even more than Bloodlines, I'd say. Unfortunately, the shooter mechanics could have used a bit more polish. And then there's that autoaim thing... :lol:


    It's good fun, nonetheless, and I guess VATS can make the combat more bearable if you're not into shooters.

  14. If I don't like Bethesda games.. why would FO3 be any different.
    I thought you had "researched". Shouldn't you be able to come up with something more solid than that? I mean, a healthy dose of skepticism is ok, but this is ridiculous.



    The old saying goes: "Those who don't learn from past experience are doomed to repeat it."
    Yeah. So, if you can learn from past mistakes... why are you so convinced that the people at Bethesda cannot?



    but it's not worthy perverting my memories of the Fallout universe to do so.
    F3 is fairly respectful of the setting, putting in less wacky or outright stupid stuff than F2, even. If you don't like the premise that the game is essentially a shooter, that's fine... but it doesn't corrupt the setting or steer it radically from what it was. I also don't quite understand how F3 could change your memories of other games, either.


    And FWIW, Tactics isn't even considered canon by devs.

  15. Being able to kill kids makes for a great game?
    Is this tendency of yours to misrepresent people everytime you get the chance a learned skill or you're just that obnoxious?


    But to your question, no. More specifically, not by itself. But doing all within one's power to keep the player immersed without presenting her with invisible barriers and unkillable characters (regardless of whether they are children or not), now that goes a long way towards making a game great. But even that by itself doesn't make for a great game either, because no single thing can accomplish that - which highlights the fallacious nature of your question.



    The fact that people make such a big deal about this and the sex/spooning thing is just further proof that developers shouldn't listen to fans.
    That would be a good point, if anyone was making "such a big deal" about this. As far as I know, nobody has boycotted the game or broken up their disc based on not being able to properly sex up a hooker or anything. We're just discussing the game. Sorry if that bothers you, friend.
  16. To the SW of Tenpenny Tower, past Warrington Station, there's a small red brick building, "Lucky's". Inside I found a merchant, and the shades were on a mannequin right beside her. Interestingly, it's the only item you can pilfer that doesn't count as stealing.

  17. I suppose the game panders to serial killers, by your logic, then?
    Serial killers are not the only ones who kill adults, child killers are the only ones who kill children intentionally though.
    Weak. Not only you can roleplay a serial killer in FO3 (so the game potentially panders to serial killers, by your innuendos), but there are instances where soldiers will have to kill children in self-defense IRL... ever heard of child soldiers? You are grasping at straws.
  18. They may be free to think whatever, but there's certainly no reason to pander to them.
    Of course there isn't - that's why I'm not asking for a game about slaughtering infants, or even one that rewards that course of action. All I want is some internal consistency, and an effort on the developers' part to preserve suspension of disbelief.


    I suppose the game panders to serial killers, by your logic, then?

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