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  1. So I was actually rummaging around in the dialogue files before, trying to find how the watcher abilities are given and I did find that the target for that script was the Player_Debug ("b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"). And I did try using that in a ModScripHook "if player is in the scene -> give ability" script, but it didn't work so I abandoned that. But after SiliconMage mentioned that again, I went back to it. Long story short, I was using it on new characters and had it set up as "SucceedOnlyOnce -> true", and that was the problem. It was firing the script, failing to give
  2. Hey there! So I'm working on a mod that would add abilities/talents to the player while completely bypassing the progressiontable. The idea would be to make it as simple and non-intrusive as possible for the user. But unfortunately I'm a bit lost here. I tried using consumables to deliver the ability, but couldn't get it to completely work. If it is a passive ability then I can deliver the statuseffects, but not the ability itself. (Potion -> Ability -> Statuseffect Use the potion, that activates the ability and you get the status effects.) I also know that I can tie it with
  3. Yeah, my bad. I wrote it as a stand-alone entry. But, I'm glad you got it working.
  4. I use the "ModScriptHook" if I want to add it to a store, container, NPC etc. If you just want to add it to your inventory then you can use the "PromotionalItemCollection", the game will treat it as a DLC and drop it in your inventory the next time you load a save or start a new game. If I didn't screw anything up then this should work.
  5. No, I mean the flavor text. So I was making my character a personalised grimoire and when linking the name to the stringtables I noticed that grimoires also have tag for a description. Most descriptions are the same, but there are a few unique ones, like the Aloth one. But I see no option to actually access them in-game and quite a few of them seem to be overlapping. So I'm wondering if they exist in-game or just in the game files and they never bothered to remove them.
  6. So this is off topic and a bit of a dumb question, but can you read the grimoire descriptions in-game?
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