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  1. @SChin Thank you for offering to help! I just sent over some save files, and appreciate any assistance you can offer.
  2. All of a sudden, lockpicking doesn't work. I can click on the locked item, my skill is high enough, and I get both audio and text confirmation that I was successful - but the lock doesn't open. I can do this repeatedly, as seen in the screenshot below. The object just stays forever locked. I'm on the latest version: with no mods or override files. I've tried restarting, verifying game file integrity, reinstalling, retraining the character, leveling up a different character with lockpicking. I even went back to a very old save (before this started happening), and it's still a pr
  3. This seems similar to another ultrawide bug that just got fixed: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98057-permanent-graphic-glitch-bug-in-top-right-of-screen-images-attached/ Looks like some UI elements aren't getting pushed "far enough" off screen to be properly hidden at 3440.
  4. This issue wasn't mentioned in the patch notes today (v4.1.0) - however it does appear to be fixed as of this update. I appreciate this getting fixed - it was annoying enough that it had me waiting to play the game.
  5. Hey aartz - can you comment on whether this bug is expected to be fixed? I thought we might see a fix included in the 4.0 release, but the bug is still there. This bothers me enough that I've been waiting to begin playing. Looking forward to getting started soon!
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