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  1. I was thinking and reading about lightsaber crystals, I'd like to see black in KOTOR III... How about the rest of you?
  2. Exploitation, like morality, is subject to your reality and point of view. Living Sithism, I find people are tools to be used and discarded personally, need I say more about games? I'll take advantage of any edge someone else overlooks, thank you...
  3. Point and game! Excellent summary and even greater points... I do so enjoy reading your posts Mac. I may be wrong about this but when Jolee Bindo tells us that he fought the Sith in his younger days, wasn't he reffering to the Hyperspace Wars and Exar Kun? At least that is what I had always surmised. If so, then it has not been long since the Sith Empire had yet again been very powerful. But again, perhaps I misinterpreted it as well... I totally agree about Kreia. She lied even to herself so wshe could very well lie to the exile, in turn. She tells the exile that she loved him more than a
  4. First of all, simply being a fallen Jedi or a dark Jedi does not qualify you as Sith. As taught by Darth Tyranus in the Clone Wars animated series. Or else Aurra Sing and countless others would be considered Sith Lords. It is my own belief and opinion that Bastila would qualify, because if you set up KOTOR II with Revan as being dark, you will find Bastila in the room of Uthar Wynn on Korriban saying she's going to follow Revan and look for him. Now, not just any idiot Sith can create a Sith holocron and her place in Korriban appointed by Revan until Revan returned shows the faith Revan p
  5. Aribeth was hot, but remarkably short-sighted and gullible for a paladin of all things. Isn't the D & D paladin wise as well as strong? Bastila is hot also but brings a more real personality in being the "stifling preacher" type of Jedi. Her transition made the game all the more rewarding to me when she fell along with me and together we decimated all in our path. Aribeth: 6 Bastila: 10
  6. As Kreia would say yes, but only from a limited point of view, It would be like trying to see the lightsaber combat as if through looking through a keyhole yes?
  7. Well, the only problem with first person in KOTOR is that you will not see the fancy lightsaber dueling and fighting, only what goes on right in front of your face.
  8. Third Person? lol Third person is an objective view that is not first person, or in other words, not what the character would see. As in from behind, elevated and viewed from above, or any view that you can see what surrounds the main character. Sorry to create so much confusion...
  9. 3/4 view is what I refer to as the behind or back of the character and slightly raised or elevated. Diablo was called a 3/4 view and it just kind of stuck with me as a reference. Both KOTOR games are behind view rather than first person.
  10. While Oblivion's dumbed down system was better than Morrowind's one it's still utterly average and maybe even weak. I mean, geez. If you want GOOD combat system try out Mount & Blade. It's so much ahead Oblivion's it ain't even funny. Same with Dark Messiah I've heard. I stand corrected, I had utterly wiped the system for Mount & Blade from my mind. Haven't seen Dark Messiah. I am getting bored with the 3/4 combat view of the first two though.
  11. A true RPG combat system IMHO is Oblivion style, but the 3/4 view, not the first person. Not sure if they could do it though, or WOULD.
  12. Obsidian. They have better writers who can write an interesting story and develop the characters pretty good. First of all, I am a fantical Star Wars junkie, that being said I have enjoyed playing most but not yet all of NW nights. I may be biased but the KOTOR series is by far my favorite RPG games of all time. I have played every class, in both genders, in dark and light. I just don't get into DnD fantasy like I do Star Wars. I fear I'll go neurotic before KOTOR III is released as I have anxiously awaited its release for so long. I think the story in the sequel was pretty darn close
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