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  1. Just, pass for me. Better we have a well-developed companion sub-quest development for all of them than that time going to "romance to win completionist." But your opinions may vary on this.
  2. After reading about four more pages of the same thing people have with their for/against stances, i don't see why we can't have a quest compass toggle option? f you want it, turn it on. If you don't, turn if off. Most HUD/UI have filter options that allow you to select the detail of what is revealed on these kind of maps or UI.
  3. Considering the multi-platform release, the best potential option is to have a toggle to Quest points or not.
  4. (Hi, I'm new here, and this technically will be my first post ever on Obsidian.) I look forward to seeing how the slow mo is handled in regards to improving it via skills, and yet making this game realistic in playability, pause-ability, and replay ability. Hopefully the previous Obsidian games will show what does and does not work.
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